Medical prepping: 5 ways to protect your health when SHTF

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Image: Medical prepping: 5 ways to protect your health when SHTF

(Natural News) Medical preparedness is not usually a term associated with prepping. But if you really think about it, this knowledge should be an essential part of your survival education. You can purchase all the best first aid kits in the world, but if you have no idea what to do with them, how exactly were you planning on surviving?

During SHTF situations, you need to have both the gear and the knowledge to survive. We’ve listed five ways you can better prepare for any scenario on a medical level. (h/t to

  1. Read up on medical preparedness –– Start now. The nature of emergency situations is that they’re…well, unpredictable. Things can go down tomorrow. None of us can really tell when bad things will happen. The important thing is that you’re mentally prepared when SHTF. Read on medical preparedness and first aid. (Have you checked out our site completely dedicated to this? It’s and it’s updated daily.) If reading doesn’t interest you, talk to real preppers. Sometimes they have really interesting tricks they’re all too willing to teach to those who are interested. The gist is to get as much information as you can.
  2. Stock up on medical supplies — Statistical analyses and expert estimates say that medical supplies will be the first items to run out during emergencies. It is prudent to begin stocking up on supplies now. There is debate on what you should buy, but we’d recommend the following: hygiene products (sterile rubber gloves, medical face masks, CPR masks, etc); items that treat flesh wounds (antibacterial ointment, towelettes, butterfly closures, syringes, etc.); bandages, clotting agents; medical tape; Sam splints; medical scissors; instant cold packs; and hemostats. Do your own research and decide which items you’d want to stock more of. There is no such thing as having too many medical supplies.
  3. Acquire medical books — These days, books — real-life, honest-to-goodness books — are considered a hassle to bring or buy. However, these are actually essential when SHTF. Many of these handbooks offer detailed instructions on how to apply first aid. If you took the first step seriously, you’d find a lot of online sources ending with the advice to “seek medical assistance.” This is fine and dandy if you’re near a city, but this is completely useless if you’re stuck in a forest or desert. Having these medical books with you will prove useful.
  4. Learn about herbs — Even if you’re not outdoorsy by nature, know about the various herbs that grow near your area. Learn which ones are toxic and which are edible. A lot of herbs have their use in medicine. We recommend trying a few of them now so you can see what works for you. It’s important that you familiarize yourself with even the most basic herbs and know how to use them. (Related: 4 things you’ll absolutely need when SHTF.)
  5. Understand essential oils — Traditional medicine uses essential oils for a variety of reasons. More people are understanding just how beneficial they are. Don’t expect there to be an ample supply of these oils during emergency situations. As with medical supplies, these will run out. Aside from stocking up on them, learn how to use them, which oil is best for which condition, and the proper dilution for each.


Surviving is really about common sense, but sometimes we need a reminder about the things that we need. Remember that during SHTF situations, knowing how to apply medicine could be essential to you or your loved one living to see another day.

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