Incredible LIE of the Left: No, you can’t buy “automatic weapons” at a gun show

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Image: Incredible LIE of the Left: No, you can’t buy “automatic weapons” at a gun show

(Natural News) In their never-ending quest to do away with the Second Amendment and separate the American people from their firearms, the political left routinely uses fear and scare tactics to advance their radical gun control agenda. One of the talking points that they commonly use is the false idea that Americans can simply walk into a gun store and then walk out with an automatic weapon five minutes later.

In order to prove that this assertion from the left is just a bunch of dog crap, conservative commentator and entertainer Steven Crowder decided to produce a video on it, in which he walked into a number of gun stores undercover and attempted to purchase an automatic weapon. Not surprisingly, he walked away empty-handed each and every time.

Perhaps those on the left could explain what exactly happened in the Louder with Crowder video – why was Steven Crowder unable to purchase an automatic weapon if they are supposedly so easy to get your hands on? If the liberals’ narrative is true, then surely Steven Crowder would have been able to walk away with an AK-47 or some type of high-powered machine gun. Unfortunately for them, that’s not at all what happened, thus proving that their talking points are nothing more than politicized rhetoric and propaganda. (Related: Leftists are lying about gun control by failing to mention that the vast majority of gun deaths in America are suicides.)

This is hardly the first time that the left’s talking points with regards to firearms have flown in the face of reality, however. Last year, a journalist in Chicago attempted to prove to the world just how easy it is to purchase an “assault rifle” in America. Things didn’t go as planned, though, and the gun store ended up rejecting him for failing his background check.


As reported by The Daily Wire, “Neil Steinberg, a journalist at the Chicago Sun-Times, tried to buy a semi-automatic rifle at Maxon Shooter’s Supplies in Des Plaines, Illinois, following the Orlando nightclub massacre, to prove how easy it was to obtain an ‘assault rifle.’ To make the purchase, Steinberg needed a Firearm’s Owners’ Identification Card (FIOD), which he had, and he needed to fill out the background check forms that are required to buy a firearm.”

The Daily Wire went on to explain that “during the 24-hour waiting period, the gun store informed Steinberg that he was not legally eligible to purchase the gun” because he did not pass the background check. Steinberg has an admitted history of alcohol abuse and domestic battery, so he was unable to successfully purchase the firearm. How embarrassing it must have been for this journalist to go out and try to make a point about guns, only to have the intended outcome completely flipped on its head. (Related: Gun control is incredibly popular among people who live under tyranny and oppression – don’t they get it?)

The fact of the matter is that the left’s narrative about guns and the reality about guns do not go hand-in-hand. They claim that it’s incredibly easy to purchase an automatic firearm, yet in reality, it’s incredibly difficult and in most cases impossible. They claim that our background check system that’s in place for people who want to buy a gun is flawed and that it has a number of loopholes, yet in reality, our background check is both thorough and effective.

Yet even though it has been proven on multiple occasions that the left’s narrative on guns and the Second Amendment is built on lies and fabrications, they never let up. They know that fear is an extremely effective tactic to use, and the more Americans that they can scare into surrendering their firearms, the better.

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