Leftists declare COTTON to be “racist” and call for ban on cotton products, including underwear, jeans and T-shirts

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Image: Leftists declare COTTON to be “racist” and call for ban on cotton products, including underwear, jeans and T-shirts

(Natural News) The politically correct, political correctness of the insane Left continues to double, triple, and quadruple down on stupid, as now they claim that clothing made from cotton is (wait for it) racist.

The Daily Caller reports that a Texas woman complained about a Hobby Lobby home decor item comprised of cotton, calling it “wrong on SO many levels” and claiming that “there is nothing decorative” about the plant.

Why? Racism! You see, according to complainer Daniell Rider, cotton is “a commodity which was gained at the expense of African-American slaves.”

Right. Never mind that the crop existed long before white Southern plantation owners obtained slaves to pick it, and that it has remained a staple crop used in the production of clothing long after slaves were freed and were no longer forced into cotton-picking labor.

Needless to say, there were more than a few reactions to her ridiculous post and assumptions on social media. But as you can probably guess, many also came to her defense.

“What difference does it make if it’s a decoration or part of a product?” wrote one supporter. “You’re being hypocritical if you’re offended by cotton being a decoration and not offended by any product made of cotton.”

“All those who are offended by cotton being a decoration need to quit buying any product made of cotton,” wrote another.

Now mind you, these people are dead serious in their calls to boycott cotton. Cotton. A plant used to make fabric.

Because it’s racist.

Except that it’s not, and just because one black woman in Texas says otherwise doesn’t make it so.


As The Daily Caller notes further:

Cotton rules the economy.

It has for centuries. We fought a war about it. The Antebellum South exported lots of things, namely cotton, tobacco, and indigo. It’s true, these products were largely cultivated dependent on slavery, which was eradicated after the Civil War.

A hundred-some-odd years later, though, and the South still exports these things. 

Without slaves. 

There are so many things manufactured with cotton no one could possibly name them all. If all of those now calling for a cotton boycott seriously lived their belief, they couldn’t leave their homes dressed because most clothing contains at least some cotton. They couldn’t sleep on most bed sheets under most blankets. They wouldn’t be able to rest their heads on most pillows.

Indeed, rugs, coffee filters, and even some firehoses all contain cotton; surely Ms. Rider isn’t suggesting we let peoples’ homes and businesses burn to the ground over a cotton boycott…right?

In fact, she was probably wearing some cotton derivative clothing when she made her inane post.

The insane Left has driven a massive wedge between Americans of varying racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. When clothing becomes racist because of its manufactured make-up, then we truly have reached the point of no return. So much for celebrating our “multiculturalism” and “diversity;” Leftists are using both not as unifying factors in our society but as elements of division. (Related: Preppers Take Notice: Left Is Using “Racism” And “Bigotry” To Justify Starting The Next Civil War.)

The next thing you know, as The Daily Caller notes, someone will ‘determine’ that ancient religious and cultural monuments are “racist” or “bigoted” because they were built using slave labor. “You know who else wants to destroy ancient monuments? ISIS,” writes Jena Greene.

Here are some simple truths. If you want to be offended by something, you will be.

If you want to view something as “racist,” you will view it as such.

If you believe that you’re discriminated against, then you can’t be convinced otherwise.

And if we refuse to unify under one flag and one nation as one people, then our divisions will eventually destroy us.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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