Autism Awareness Day represents complete injustice to those suffering from disease caused by dangerous vaccines

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Image: Autism Awareness Day represents complete injustice to those suffering from disease caused by dangerous vaccines

(Natural News) In a show of seemingly good will, President Trump recently made good on a promise he made to a friend several months back that, if he won the election, the president would light up the White House in blue to honor those suffering from autism. But President Trump’s subsequent announcement of World Autism Awareness Day on April 2 was missing one important element: Any mention whatsoever of vaccines, which are known to cause autism, as admitted in their package inserts.

Speaking about the day, which had all the trappings of showing solidarity with the millions of children and adults who have autism, President Trump invited all Americans to “light it up blue” in support. He encouraged the public to learn more about the signs of autism in order to improve early diagnosis, as well as to better understand the many challenges associated with autism spectrum disorders to help support the families of those who deal with it.

But nowhere in his speech did President Trump even hint at what might be causing the autism epidemic, which represented a major letdown to many thousands of his supporters. The president had mentioned on the campaign trail that more investigation into vaccine safety needed to be done, and he even reportedly brought on Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a strong proponent of vaccine safety inquiry, to head a special task force on the matter.

All of this apparently went out the window, however, when President Trump announced World Autism Awareness Day, which for all intents and purposes will do nothing to stem the tide of autism. Drawing attention to the existence of autism without addressing its potential causes is certifiably useless, and actually does a great injustice to the millions of people who’ve been diagnosed with the condition.


Is President Trump going to honor his former commitment to call for more investigations into vaccine safety?

As Natural News has been covering recently, much progress has been made on the awareness front as it concerns vaccine safety. In partnership with actor and director Robert De Niro, Kennedy and the World Mercury Project, for instance, launched a vaccine safety challenge this past year to draw attention to the fact that vaccine safety studies are mostly non-existent – a big elephant in the room in the vaccine-autism debate.

The world also saw the release of the acclaimed documentary film Vaxxed, which looks into the shady science surrounding vaccines, as well as the continued use of the known neurotoxin mercury (Thimerosal) in some vaccines. This film, which was derided by the mainstream media and medical establishment, has opened many eyes about the questionable safety of childhood vaccines, which increase in number year after year.

Many of President Trump’s supporters had hoped, and even expected, that at least some of what’s been revealed about vaccines through these projects would be part of World Autism Awareness Day. Even a cursory mention of the need for more investigation would have been helpful, stirring in the public a demand for such information to be made transparent.

Instead, the American public was given yet another “awareness” day like those that already exist for breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases that failed to offer any real solutions or next-step ideas for how to deal with the problem. Autistic children won’t be helped by more people simply knowing that autism exists; they’ll be helped by an honest, independent investigation into the various triggers that are associated with its onset, one of which includes vaccines that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has declared safe without so much as a shred of evidence to prove it.


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