The rational argument against the normalization of transgenderism

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Image: The rational argument against the normalization of transgenderism

(Natural News) The same cultural “progressivism” that achieved gay acceptance, gay rights and gay marriage is now demanding social acceptance of transgenderism by equating the two. The same insults now being hurled at transgenders, they say, were once hurled at gays. Being gay or transgender is a “choice,” they say, and that choice should be left up to the individual.

What could possibly be wrong with that argument?

Plenty, it turns out. Being gay is a choice in the gender of your partners, but it does not dissociate your identity from your biological reality. Gay men know they are men, and gay women know they are women. A choice of partners is a preference, not a rejection of the physical self as born.

Furthermore, a person who is gay does not make demands upon society to recognize them for something they are not. Transgenderism, on the other hand, asserts social demands that society “pretend” the person is something they aren’t… namely, pretending that a man is a woman or that a woman is a man. The social “normalization” of transgenderism, in other words, is effectively a strong social mind trap that DEMANDS people abandon reason and agree to participate in a popular social delusion fueled by peer pressure. The Emperor’s robes are beautiful, are they not?

To summarize so far, then, being gay is simply a matter of preference, and it does not place irrational demands on the rest of society. Being gay is a personal, private choice. But the normalization of transgenderism asserts a “social distortion” that demands the rest of society abandon reality and play along with a make believe delusion that isn’t rooted in biological reality.


How to project an individual disorder to society at large and then demand the delusion be shared by all

This is where we discover the first harm of the normalization of transgenderism. Instead of encouraging the person with a dissociative disorder to seek compassionate treatment or psychological counseling, we are projecting their disorder to the rest of society and demanding that everyone share in their delusion. This is ultimately harmful to the person suffering from their dissociative identity disorder. You don’t help people heal and integrate by projecting their fractured self-image to the entire world… you help them seek treatment or counseling so they can re-integrate and become whole. (This is why even the World Health Organization considers transgenderism to be a mental disorder.)

Even worse is the precedent of social acceptance of the delusions transgenderism demands we all accept as real. The social “contract” underlying transgenderism is that every person in society should pretend that someone is something they clearly are not by any objective definition. By agreeing to participating in this childish game of make believe, we now open the door to the next stage of lunacy: Transanimalism.

Transanimalism is the next stage: No, you are not a Tibetan Snow Leopard

In transanimalism, people believe they are great cats, or bears or other animals. For those afflicted with transanimalism, their self-image is just as convincing and determined as those who claim to be transgenders. Yet if we follow the same logic of social projection now demanded by the transgender community, we must all agree to regard transanimalists as truly being great cats, bears, dogs, owls or whatever delusion they are manifesting at the moment.

Effectively, we must play along with their delusions in order to be politically correct rather than telling them the far simpler truth: “You are not a great cat. You are a human being. Get some help.”

In fact, the widespread unwillingness to tell people a simple truth that might be “offensive” in some way is characteristic of the weak-mindedness of the progressive Left, sometimes called “snowflakes.” Telling someone an obvious and simple truth they might not want to hear — “You are not a Tibetan Snow Leopard” — is now regarded as a sort of hate crime that earns you can accusation of intolerance, bigotry and even racism. (Yes, the people who shout “racism” these days don’t even know what it means. Essentially a “racist” is anyone who wins an argument with the progressive Left.)

The assertion is that because the truth “hurts” someone’s fractured, distorted self-image, it should be shamed in a “tolerant” society. Yet, if tolerance is defined as the popular furtherance of mental delusion and derision, then the pop culture definition of “tolerance” is highly suspect. Were the townspeople “tolerant” when they glorified the wondrous robes of a naked Emperor as he walked down the street, acting out his shared delusion? No, they were irrational and stupid. Only the innocent child, unschooled in the mental contortions of political correctness, dared shout, “The Emperor has no clothes!”

Today, I am shouting a lengthier retort: “Transgenderism is a mental disorder that requires compassionate treatment to help its victims face the truth and re-integrate to become whole!”

Celebrating transgendered males who pretend to be females is an insult to real women

We do not help them by sharing in their delusions and false fantasies. In fact, by celebrating transgenderism, we insult the great women of our society who are real women, not “pretend” women.

Case in point: When a popular women’s fashion magazine named Bruce Jenner (pretending to be “Caitlyn Jenner”) “Woman of the Year,” it insulted all genuine women. The message was offensive and stupid: “This MAN is better at being a woman than all you real women!”

Somehow, the magazine couldn’t find a single woman who was better at being a woman than Bruce Jenner, a “pretend” woman. While Bruce may be a very endearing, kind and courageous person, he is not a biological woman. Pretending that he’s a woman is nothing more than an exercise in a shared social delusion that reflects the rising mental illness across “progressive” society at large.

To be socially accepted in a delusional society, you must be fluent in whatever delusions are demanded at the moment

According to “progressive” society, social acceptance is no longer based on your connection with reality but rather on your fluency in the latest popular delusions.

To be celebrated in a delusional society, you must make sure that your own delusions match those of the progressive crowd, whose delusions are constantly shifting, by the way. SHAME is cast upon those whose delusions are a mismatch with the popular delusions, meaning it is almost impossible to avoid shame because no person can correctly predict how the delusions may shift from day to day. The perfect example of the lunacy of all this is found in this news of a transgender-looking Cover Girl model who was berated by the progressive Left for daring to tweet that Ebola might be found in Africa.

James Charles is a transgender Cover Girl model described by Yahoo! News as “A 16-year-old with vision beyond his years” (note the celebratory accolades now showered upon a boy who does nothing more than wear women’s makeup). Here a photo of this latest progressive “sensation,” in case you’re wondering what’s popular at this particular moment with the delusional progressive crowd:

As described in this Natural News article, James Charles made the mistake of tweeting something that was factually correct, but wildly unpopular. On a trip to Africa, he tweeted “I can’t believe we’re going to Africa today omg what if we get Ebola?”

The immediate response from the “progressive” (i.e. delusional) community was that James’ tweet was racist because it supposed that Africans are full of disease. James never asserted that, of course, and it is factually true that Ebola originated in Africa and its worst outbreaks take place in Africa.

But for tweeting something based on factual (but unpopular) truth, James Charles was eviscerated by the same community of “progressives” who follow James Charles precisely because they subscribe to the delusional fantasy that James Charles pretends to be a woman.

So what did James Charles do to get back into the good graces of the delusional progressive community? Naturally, he had to delete his factually correct tweet and issue a detailed apology containing all the progressive keywords for personal shame that are currently accepted by the delusional progressive community.

As you can see in his tweet below, he expresses how he is “extremely sorry” and he is merely on an “educational trip” and he’s incredibly ignorant but is “eager to learn” why his tweet was so “offensive and degrading,” etc.

He even goes into a massive, psychologically fractured rant of self shame, claiming, “As a white cis male, I recognize my privilege and would never want to take that for granted…” thereby affirming he is fully fluent in the shame du jour of the pop culture moment, realizing that he is biologically Caucasian but impersonating a biological female in the process. (Why does he not simply assert that he is black and thereby cast aside his white privilege?)

This is why James Charles is the perfect encapsulation of everything that’s wrong with the social normalization of transgenderism. Like all misguided youth who follow his path, James is living in a delusional world of make believe where he is constantly tormented by guilt and shame for not being progressive enough because of his biological “curse” of being a white male in an intolerant, delusional society.

What even James Charles apparently does not realize is that the same irrational, detached delusions underpinning transgenderism can simply be invoked to claim any biological variation desired at the moment. James Charles could have claimed he was a “40-year-old black woman” and shamed his accusers for attacking him because he’s black. Perhaps they are racists, you see. Once you agree to accept delusional thinking as reality, there’s no limit to where the “progressive” Left can take it. Tomorrow we might discover James Charles claiming he is 100 years old and is the “oldest living Cover Girl model” who also has the genitalia of a Hobbit. There’s no limit to the insanity of the possibilities, you see.

When there is no anchor to reality, any delusion can be pushed onto a gullible, weak-willed and compliant society of socially terrified sheeple

The normalization of transgenderism, you see, is merely one symptom in a much larger ecosystem of delusions, self-shaming and mental illness that now define “progressivism” and political correctness. No individual can correctly navigate the insanity of it all — not even a self-loathing Cover Girl BOY model — because the minefield of political correctness has no anchor to reality.

There is no objective point of reference for any of it. Mere statements of provable fact are now “intolerant,” and social acceptance can only be garnered through a tireless, exhausting study of social media’s latest delusion trends so that you can keep up with the correct terms, shame, guilt and delusions that are demanded at the moment. Yet tomorrow, they will morph into a completely different set of delusions that you must learn anew, often by haplessly stepping onto P.C. landmines you never knew existed (and thus earning all the expected shame while issuing self-loathing apologies for not being up to speed on the delusions of the day).

“Progressivism” has now reach the point of sheer lunacy where a well-meaning, well-informed and intelligent individual seeking to engage in basic conversation with someone else will be viciously slandered as “intolerant” and “non-inclusive” for almost anything they say. Social acceptance is only to be rewarded to those who open their comments with the appropriate shame, guilt and admission of “ignorance” (if they’re white or male), or social justice and automatic truth (if they’re any other color), or virtue signaling (if they’re too rich and still want to be accepted by those who are not wealthy).

The important realization in all this is that we do not help anyone in society by participating in this labyrinth of delusional thinking and attempted social acceptance among the deluded. If we ever hope to function as a civil, rational and forward-thinking society, we must return to reality and have the real courage to speak the truth even if someone decides to be offended by it.

Transgenderism is the belief that 5+3 = 10

The normalization of transgenderism is a surrender to the convenience of conformity. It is a form of weak-willed obedience to the demands of the insane. It is the utter admission of the surrender of one’s perceptions, cognition and reason. After all, the same system of “progressivism” that now demands you see a male but call him a female will one day demand you see 5 + 3 and answer it as “TEN!”

Where reason is utterly abandoned — even shamed — all of society suffers from the resulting madness.

For all these reasons, the normalization of transgenderism should be vehemently rejected by all rational people and condemned as harmful to society at large. We do not move forward as a civilization by engaging in the irrational adoration of ever-shifting delusions of madness. We move forward by facing reality, solving problems and helping those around us face their realities (and solve their problems, too).

Read more about gender identity at, one of the many new sites we’ve just launched to help society grow up, deal with reality and move forward.

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