“Young blood” transfusions found to reverse aging in mammals

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Image: “Young blood” transfusions found to reverse aging in mammals

(Natural News) Science is incredible. Some of the strangest sounding experiments of all time have led to discoveries that changed the entire world. That’s a major part of scientific discovery, especially when it comes to biology. Similarly, going to great lengths to make advancements in the health realm requires experiments that may sound a bit unconventional to the average person. Thus is the case with a reverse aging technique that was recently discovered.

Through the use of “young blood” — blood samples from teenage humans — scientists have discovered that they can reverse aging in mammals. By injecting this young blood into old mice, the effects of aging are reversed in a manner that changes everything we think we know about getting older.

RT reports, “The elixir of youth appears to be in the blood plasma … Older mice received the younger one’s blood and vice versa. Old mice that received young blood experienced a boom in the growth of brain cells in the hippocampus, a part of the brain that plays a key role in memory. Meanwhile, receiving old blood had the opposite effect on the brains of young mice.”

Since this has worked so well in mice, you have to wonder how long it will take before scientists are experimenting with young blood in older human beings. Debilitating diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia — which most often come along with old age — could potentially be relieved or even prevented by ingesting those suffering with youthful blood.

While that would definitely be a great result of this experiment, one also has to wonder if this discovery would be used for acts of evil as well. Should Big Pharma catch wind of this, it is only a matter of time before they find a way to corrupt it and turn it into an addictive product sold to people suffering from these illnesses.

This kind of knowledge should be used solely to improve the lives of people who desperately need help, not to profit off of their needs by creating an unnatural product that has a number of side effects. While nothing has been announced yet in regards to the pharmaceutical industry’s connection to this discovery, history has proven that they always find a way to make a buck off of the world’s worst sicknesses.

We can only hope that those working with natural health products decide to use this knowledge to use it safely and intelligently. That is something that could benefit us all for decades to come.






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