Denver may soon allow marijuana at restaurants and bars

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Image: Denver may soon allow marijuana at restaurants and bars

(Natural News) When it comes to marijuana, few states are nearly as progressive as Colorado. One of the earliest adapters of recreational marijuana legalization, Colorado has served as a beacon of light for cannabis advocates across the United States. If they continue to show just how successful a state’s economy can grow if cannabis is legalized for both medical and recreational use, every other state in the union is sure to follow.

Considering that marijuana never should have been outlawed in the first place, this is good news for freedom-lovers everywhere.

Now Colorado is set to pull off another first in regards to cannabis legislation. Soon, residents of the state may be able to smoke marijuana at restaurants, bars and other indoor business so long as the owners of the establishment explicitly allow them to do so. Of course, there are a number of regulations that stand in the way of that taking place.

Katherine Biek of Newsy reports, “First, businesses will need to apply for permits that allow those who are at least 21 years old to consume marijuana in designated indoor or outdoor spaces, and those establishments can only do that if a local business group or neighborhood backs them. It’s not just bars and restaurants that can apply. Any public establishment, like yoga studios and art galleries, are covered under the measure.”

While you may not want to eat dinner at a restaurant while there is a cloud of marijuana smoke floating overhead, the fact that business will be legally allowed to have this happen is a win for liberty as a whole. It’s not so much a matter of whether or not this is a smart business decision so much as it is a victory for business owners who are slowly taking back their rights. Less regulations means more success in the free market.

That’s what’s so interesting about the cannabis industry. Even people who don’t use cannabis — even those who are actively opposed to using cannabis — can acknowledge just how many good things it can provide for the country and the world at large. Now more than ever, the American people need to see just how much good freedom — actual freedom — can do for us all.

So many have lost faith in the system over the past few years that we need to remind everyone why America is the greatest country on earth. So much of that has to do with freedom, so we should become free once again. If Colorado is any indication, we are on our way.



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