Big Pharma tyranny: globalist group wants restrictions on natural health products

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Image: Big Pharma tyranny: globalist group wants restrictions on natural health products

(Natural News) Under the auspices of the United Nation’s Agenda 2030, the relentless move to a global harmonization of all food, medicine, trade, education, security, water, energy, borders and people is still moving forward, says The New American. The creators of Agenda 2030 have goals that include the eradication of all poverty, as well as a mandate to protect our planet from all degradation, which includes their faux global warming control schemes. This utopian regime also plans to provide every child with a fine tuned educational brainwashing to ensure future generations of government slaves. You can read about Agenda 2030, previously known as Agenda 21, here.

These deliberations and plans between United Nation signatories are agreements, not treaties. In a truthful world, the American people and the Congress would vote to either accept or reject the implementation of these programs. This may or may not occur. Yet, as portions of this agenda become public – like the globalist desire to restrict and/or control all natural health supplements – it is incumbent upon Americans to be informed and take appropriate actions to protect our freedoms, says

“It is time to speak up . . . we are not lab rats for the all mighty pharmaceutical industry and their sponsored (paid for) restrictions and regulations.”

The battle is bigger than the FDA, which has long given its allegiance to corporate and pharmaceutical interests instead of the people. This documentary, entitled “War on Health,” from health advocate Gary Null, sheds light on the FDA’s malfeasance.

You can think of the global consortium as a group of national regulatory agencies imbued with authority much like the FDA. Together, they are called the International Coalition for Medicines Regulatory Authorities (ICMRA) and were organized in 2012.  The FDA is a standing member of the ICMRA, along with similar agencies from China, England, Spain, Sweden, Japan, Italy, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, France, Nigeria, South Africa, Switzerland and Australia, among others.

The ICMRA believes that you – or anyone in the world – must not ingest anything for your health unless it’s a pharmaceutical, or some synthesized product owned and patented by Big Pharma. This means no medicinal herbs, no alternative medicines, no whole food vitamins, or anything raw and unadulterated from the medicine chest of the earth’s wisdom will be allowed.

This attack on our health freedom cannot be ignored. It is imperative to work against its implementation, as well as stock up on health supplements that have proven beneficial to you and your family.



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