Industrial-grade tattoo ink could be poisoning Americans

Image: Industrial-grade tattoo ink could be poisoning Americans

(Natural News) Not many people take the Old Testament admonition to make no cuttings on one’s body seriously. Yet not only is our fleshly body considered a tabernacle for the spirit, breath and life itself to dwell in, your skin is also your body’s largest organ. And when needles puncture that skin with dyes or salts that are not organic, there can be trouble.

Natural News reports:

“Body-art lovers have complained of scarring, allergic reactions, phototoxic reactions (adverse reaction to light or sunlight) and, depending on the type of pigment, other complications can occur. Brightly colored plastic-based pigments have been particularly problematic for some, and glow-in-the-dark tattoos can be radioactive and toxic.

“Tattoo parlors are regulated by the state and city, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require manufacturers to release their ink’s ingredients; doing so could supposedly give away trade secrets.”

Not knowing what is in the ink which you tattoo into your body is disconcerting, yet millions still do it

Per Natural News:

“The lack of regulation is slightly unnerving considering that 36 percent of people ages 18-25 have tattoos, as do 40 percent of those 26-40 years old. That means approximately 45 million Americans have been inked… The chemicals and heavy metals in tattoo ink can cause various forms of cancer, birth defects, certain mutations and be destructive to your immune system.”

Tattoos aren’t easily removed and they can be dangerous to your health.

Although it’s become commonplace to put your heart on your sleeve, or shoulder blade, or back or, as some have done, their entire body, it’s still risky. Natural News reports:

“The FDA… warns about tattoo ink possibly causing infections, allergic reactions, keloids [scars] granulomas (inflammation) and potential complications [with] MRIs.”

The Creator knew all about this beforehand, huh?


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