#1) Genetically Modified Corn Sugar (inside and on top of cake and cupcakes) - Warps your cells and can damage the brain like cocaine
by S.D. Wells
You've heard and seen "HFCS," and you might want to Google the dangers of consuming it regularly, if at all. It's the most concentrated sugar on the planet, driving the statistics of diabetes through the roof in America and around the world.

Scientific studies have found that junk food addiction is essentially the same as cocaine addiction, at least as far as the brain is concerned.

Bloomberg Businessweek reports on a plethora of recent data that identifies junk food addiction as being just as serious as drug addiction. High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), among other processed junk food, does the same thing to a person's brain as cocaine does.

A 2010 study at Scripps Research Institute (SRI) in Florida found that rats given free access to Hormel Foods Corp.'s bacon and Sara Lee Corp.'s pound cake experienced changes that mirrored those occurring in the brains of drug addicts!

Also, researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA) conducted a study revealing that cancer cells have a particular liking for refined fructose.

CANCER CELLS FEED OFF HFCS! In tests, pancreatic cancer cells quickly fed on refined fructose and used it to divide and proliferate rapidly within the body.



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