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Eliminate the poison from your stored food supply: Swap your stash for lab-verified storable foods for long-term food security

Survival food

(NaturalNews) When a crisis strikes, will you be prepared to live well and maintain good health? Life is unpredictable, and there have never been more volatile times. No matter what, you want to be happy, healthy and independent. If you've ever been through hard times, you know what's important to you. You want to hope for the best, but still be prepared.

Food is a necessity, but good health and immunity are more vital for long-term happiness and well-being. If the food you are going to rely on could poison you and make you sick, wouldn't you swap it out? If your food supply was full of toxic substances that would weaken you in a crisis situation, wouldn't you want to know? Why prepare to just survive, when you can thrive during the most uncertain times?

Top storable food brands are toxic cocktails waiting to make you weak and sick

An investigation by Health Ranger Mike Adams at CWC Labs finds that many brands of preparedness foods are loaded with poisons that are toxic to your cells and mind. These toxic, nutrient-depleted substances, such as pesticides, artificial colors, bleached flour and hidden MSG, will inevitably steal your energy away and make you more prone to sickness.

Popular brands such as WISE Foods, Patriot Pantry, Mountain House and several others are full of pesticides, hidden MSG, corn syrup, chemical preservatives, GMOs and hydrogenated oils. On top of this, these companies fail to disclose the heavy metal content of their storable food products.

This is what you're really getting when you stock up with the most popular food storage products:
  • Corn, soy and canola ingredients (all secretly GMO)
  • Hydrolyzed or autolyzed vegetable proteins (hidden MSG)
  • MSG or yeast extract
  • Artificial coloring chemicals
  • Maltodextrin, dextrose and refined starches and sugars
  • Sodium caseinate (milk derivative from cows fed GMO)
  • Textured vegetable protein (TVP, made from GMO soy)
  • Processed, bleached flour that lacks 90 percent of mineral nutrition
  • Refined sugars and corn syrup derivatives
These ingredients contribute to disease, not vitality. Instead of succumbing to these toxic foods, why not swap them out and invest in clean, storable foods that will sustain you and your family in any event?

New lab-verified storable food products offer vitality during hardships

For long-term food security that is life sustaining, look no further than Numanna Organic. This line of long-term storable food products is the first of its kind: a lab verified collection of meals that are tested to be pure and free from pesticides, heavy metals and hidden MSG. Numanna Organic is free from anything that is autolyzed, hydrolyzed or genetically modified. These wholesome meals are free from the toxins that interfere with your mental stamina, energy and ability to heal.

You no longer have to compromise your health when it comes to your long-term food storage preparations. You can eat well and stay healthy during any crisis. Don't prepare to die; prepare to live well. Find out more about Numanna Organic and how you can get your own supply.

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