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Election triumph: Natural News honors the leaders of truth who achieved this great victory for America

Alternative media

(NaturalNews) If one thing should be crystal clear following the historic victory by President-elect Donald Trump, it is that the so-called "mainstream media" is no longer mainstream. In fact, the Washington-New York City media corridor, as well as its allies on both coasts, have fully exposed themselves as little more than the propaganda division of the Democratic Party.

While no one should take anything away from the president-elect himself – he and his people ran a terrific campaign, and they seemed to know from the outset what message to bring, given his wins in Democrat-dominated states – there can also be little doubt that much credit should go to the "alternative media" for helping the Trump campaign get that message out without the noise and spin of the MSM.

For it was the alternative media that not only largely backed Trump from the outset, but also had to compete against the so-called "conservative" #nevertrump press, whose editorial staff, puzzlingly, seemed okay with a third and fourth Obama term under a President Hillary Clinton.

So, without further ado, it is our great pleasure to honor those in the new "mainstream" media who were on the front lines of this election since the beginning, ensuring that Trump and his message were delivered fairly and accurately to the people – like our founders envisioned a free press would, and should, do:

1. Matt Drudge, DrudgeReport.com:


Reaching tens of millions of people a day, The Drudge Report, under the guidance of its founder, Matt Drudge, was instrumental in steering pro-Trump coverage throughout the billionaire businessman's campaign.

Using his incredible reach and uncanny ability to actually drive the daily news cycle, Drudge used the power of his site to not only highlight accurate and fair coverage of Trump, but to shine a light on those forces from both parties who were scheming to undermine and bring down the GOP candidate before and after he secured the nomination.

There is no question that Drudge's massive audience and influence helped Trump secure his victory.

2. Alex Jones, InfoWars.com:


Jones and his team of intrepid reporters began their coverage of Trump fairly and accurately from the outset. Like Adams, Jones was an early supporter of Trump, defending him against the insanity of the Leftist MSM on his daily radio and television broadcasts as early as December 2015. Jones was also one of the first in the former alternative media to give Trump a platform to air his views – without filter, without "gotcha" questions and without bringing up phony issues manufactured by the Left.

3. Mike Adams, Natural News:


The Health Ranger voiced his full-throated support for Trump early on. In this August 2015 column, Adams explained the Trump phenomenon, correctly predicting that the American people were beginning to back Trump as a way of "revolting" against the establishment of both major parties.

In December 2015, Adams went on to note that Trump could not be stopped – not by the trashy old MSM or the political establishments of either party.

Clearly, Adams and Natural News were out early (and often) for Trump. Adams even acquired the domain name Trump.news in anticipation of a Trump victory – a site that will be greatly expanded now, in the wake of the billionaire businessman's win. There, the Trump administration will continue to receive fair and accurate coverage, so we encourage you to visit the site daily (as well as WhiteHouse.news, where news about the Trump administration will be the focus).

4. Rush Limbaugh:


America's talk radio king never picked a side during the hard-fought nomination battle, in which Trump vanquished 16 other Republicans for the party's nod. But once he did, Limbaugh brilliantly explained, daily, not only the Trump phenomenon but laid out in advance (accurately) what Trump was up against from the establishment media and political class, and how to outmaneuver them. Limbaugh was also gracious to Trump as he sliced through the MSM bias and noise to provide a fair and accurate accounting of Trump's policies and positions.

5. Sean Hannity:


Once Trump secured the nomination, Hannity was one of the first true conservative commentators to throw his support behind Trump, even though the real estate mogul may not have been his first choice. Hannity expertly understood the ramifications of a third Obama term under a Clinton regime, and regularly pointed out to his radio listeners and nightly TV viewers that she could have ushered in the end of the American republic as it was founded, simply by stacking the Supreme Court.

Towards election day, Hannity was first and nearly alone among major conservatives to call out the #nevertrump crowd and castigate them for providing aid and comfort to Clinton by not supporting their party's candidate. He also lambasted former GOP contenders like Jeb Bush and John Kasich who early on pledged to support the eventual nominee ... before they lost and Trump took the prize.

Hannity's reach, professionalism and careful dissection of the dangers of a Clinton presidency influenced the outcome and are to be commended.

6. Breitbart News:


Midway through the campaign cycle controversy struck at Breitbart, when some of its staffers accused the website's editorial members of continuing to back Trump despite an alleged incident involving reporter Michelle Fields. But the site never wavered, and while the MSM tried to make an issue of the resignations, Breitbart's coverage of the Trump campaign remained steadfast, true and accurate. In fact, Breitbart broke several major stories during the campaign, reporting on issues that the MSM wouldn't touch out of fear that they would hurt their chosen candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Breitbart has since gotten its house in order, and has remained an extremely reliable news source for accurate reporting on President-elect Trump, as well as other issues that the incoming administration will face in the weeks and months ahead as it transitions to power. Special mention: Breitbart editor Joel Pollack, for keeping the pressure on Trump's rivals and for playing straight with the Trump campaign, despite some controversy.

7. Dave Hodges:


A rising star of the so-called "alt-right," as the MSM describes us, Hodges kept up the pressure on the MSM by reporting little-known details about key events and various election scenarios in which detractors and political opponents behind the scenes were conspiring to steal Trump's victory.

Even after the election outcome was known, Hodges continued to warn readers and listeners that dangers remain for Trump and his vice president, Gov. Mike Pence, in that there are powerful forces who may be capable of yet stealing a victory by bribing electors.

That hasn't happened much in the history of our country, but as Hodges points out, Trump's victory is anything but ordinary. And it represents the biggest threat to Washington power brokers and globalists everywhere. Stay tuned to Hodges.

8. Peter Schweizer:


Though he's not officially part of the "alt-right," Schweizer is the author of the groundbreaking book, Clinton Cash, in which he raised a number of issues pertaining to alleged conflicts of interest, pay-for-play and other questionable activities by both Bill and Hillary Clinton, via their foundation, while the latter was secretary of state.

There is no doubt that Schweizer is responsible for opening the eyes of many Americans through his open questioning of the Clinton cash machine disguised as a charity.

9. Steve Quayle:


On a daily basis, by means of his site, Quayle laid bare the challenges that Trump faced, while exposing the forces working against him openly and behind the scenes, especially within his own party.

Quayle deserves to be on this list for his fearless, forthright, dogged pursuit of the truth, in defense of Trump.

10. Gary Franchi of Next News Network:


One of the most important voices in the patriot community, Franchi has helped expose the corruption within the political process attempting to keep Trump out of "the club," while also keeping pressure on the Obama administration and its activities.

In addition to unmasking the Clinton political machine for the corrupt entity that it is, Franchi regularly breaks stories about the world's tenuous financial state, the authoritarianism of the federal bureaucracy, and other little-reported events that affect, or will affect, our lives. Hats off to Franchi and his relentless pursuit of the truth.

11. James O'Keefe, Project Veritas:


O'Keefe, whose independent undercover journalism has exposed so much Left-wing political corruption it's hard to keep up with it all, was in full swing in defense of liberty – and of the Trump campaign.

It wasn't that O'Keefe was a Trump surrogate, per se. Rather, he knew and understood well that the Clinton campaign and Democrats would go out of their way to lie, cheat and steal the election – and that the MSM would lend its full assistance to same. Throughout the campaign O'Keefe's undercover journalists exposed voter fraud case after voter fraud case, while providing ample evidence that Democrats have been trying for years to implement policies and rig court cases so that they can rig and steal elections.

No question about it: O'Keefe helped shine a light on the collusion and corruption between the Democratic Party and the MSM.

12: Julian Assange, Wikileaks:


One of the most celebrated – and criticized, depending on which side of the aisle you're on – of all media figures this election cycle was Assange, whose Wikileaks site kept up a steady drip, drip, drip release of emails and documents incriminating the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton political machine.

It was Wikileaks that revealed:

-- DNC chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz schemed with the Clinton campaign to undermine her primary opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., to steal the nomination – in collusion with the establishment media;

-- People within the Clinton campaign openly mocked Catholics, Southerners and "needy Latinos;"

-- That long-time Democratic Party operative Donna Brazile, while a contributor to CNN, leaked debate questions to Dem. nominee Hillary Clinton;

-- That during the campaign debates, the Clinton camp had a "secret" agreement with the Sanders camp that he wouldn't criticize her too harshly;

-- That the Clinton campaign illegally coordinated with Super PACs;

-- Podesta received payments from donors while Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook pursued foreign donations, in violation of U.S. law.

And many other revelations. In all, Wikileaks released 35 batches of hacked emails, the last one on election day. No question they helped convince many voters that Clinton was too corrupt for the presidency.

13. Luke Rudkowski, WeAreChange.org:


A fiercely independent journalist, Rudkowski regularly broke stories involving the corrupt foreign financial connections to the Clinton campaign, via Podesta and others. He also helped his followers understand exactly who Clinton is, along with the corruption that would follow her back into the White House.

Loud and proud, Rudkowski pulled no punches in revealing the seedy underbelly of the entire Clinton operation, all in collusion with establishment Democrat figures. And today, now that the election is over, Rudkowski and We Are Change will continue to expose corruption around the world, wherever they find it.

14. Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet:


This intrepid and tireless editor-at-large of one of the Web's most impactful sites for investigative journalism provided readers a steady diet of real Trump news that was unfiltered by the mainstream. Throughout the campaign and beyond, Watson has been consistent in his portrayal of the GOP nominee as an honest, pro-American patriot candidate who truly does want to make the country great again.

Watson dedicated much of his time and resources to refuting the MSM lies about Trump, as well as exposing its efforts to cover for Clinton's obvious faults and criminality in a bid to keep her as far away from the White House as possible. In the end, Prison Planet was effective in reaching an audience hungry for the truth and desperate for unfiltered news about the candidates.

15. Ann Coulter:


A leading conservative pundit, columnist and bestselling author, Coulter voiced full-throated support for Trump right out of the gate. In fact, there was one instance where she made an appearance on HBO's Real Time with Left-wing extremist host Bill Maher early in the GOP primaries and predicted that Trump would be the party's nominee, to the jeering laughter of Maher and the audience.

She was right.

Coulter went on to pen another bestselling book, In Trump We Trust, which laid out the case about why Trump's presidency is the right one at the right time to take on the corrupt political establishment, and why he is the most uniquely qualified person to do it.

On a final note, it should be mentioned that each of these individuals and their news organizations quite literally put their careers and livelihoods on the line in defense and support of the Trump campaign. In the end, though, their tenacity and dogged pursuit of the truth on behalf of the one candidate who could give us back our country made all the difference in the world.

The "alt-right" is the new mainstream media, and should be relied upon to report the truth, not single-party propaganda disguised as "news." And we salute them.

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