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EXCLUSIVE: Leftist forces planning takeover of U.S. Capitol Building on Inauguration Day to thwart Trump presidency

Donald Trump

(NaturalNews) Leftist revolutionaries infuriated by President-elect Donald J. Trump's victory over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton are covertly planning the unthinkable: A takeover of the U.S. Capitol Building on Inauguration Day in a dramatic attempt to thwart his presidency.

Natural News has learned that the plan will have four stages:

1) It will begin with a concept known as "constructive apocalypse," in which Left-wing agitators funded by groups financially linked to anarcho-terrorist billionaire George Soros will do everything they can to disrupt the economy. That will include nation-wide strikes, picketing and demonstrating at shopping malls, and interrupting any forms of commerce possible.

2) The hope is to cause so much chaos nationally and in Washington, D.C., that President Obama will be forced to delay the January 20 Inauguration Day. In this vein, there is already a Facebook page inviting people to "Protest at the Inauguration: Stand Against Trump, War, Racism and Inequality." And on other social media, hashtags like #DisruptJ20 are trending.

3) The radical hard Left also plans to actually take over the U.S. Capitol Building and physically occupy and hold it until their demands – that Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence step aside and allow someone else to be president (like Hillary Clinton) – are met.

4. There has also been some actual discussion of trying to find someone who is willing to risk life in prison or the death penalty to assassinate Trump. In fact, Trump assassination threats are trending – and mounting – on social media as well.

Leftists are refusing to acknowledge the results of a lawful, legal election

Newsmax reports:

President-elect Donald Trump is being threatened following Tuesday's election with calls through social media for his assassination, and the Secret Service will likely investigate all threats they deem to be credible ones, according to security sources. ...

The posts are mounting, and also include calls for Vice President-elect Mike Pence's death, and the use of an #AssassinateTrump hashtag has not been banned on Twitter, drawing outcry from many Trump supporters...

As incredible as all of this may sound, there can be no doubt that since Trump triumphed on Election Day, the perpetually angry Left has exploded with a vitriolic rage that has not been directed at a president-elect since Abraham Lincoln. In that vein, calls from activists in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington State are already mulling ways to secede from the union rather than remain united through a Trump presidency – as the country did through two Obama terms and would have if Clinton had won.

As what we have learned suggests, there could be some very dark days ahead for our republic.

Security will be much heavier than normal

That said, inaugurations are always marked by extra-heavy security, and Trump's will be no different. Natural News has learned that as many as 1,000 Marines, as well as members of other military branches, will be on station for the event. In addition, the bulk of Washington, D.C.'s approximately 3,800 police officers, as well as the Capitol Police, FBI, and other security personnel, will be on duty.

In fact, the number of security personnel is very likely expected to dramatically rise anyway, given the rancor and divisiveness of the just-ended presidential campaign. Now, expect that number to rise even more significantly.

Natural News has also learned there will be groups on hand ready to help support local law enforcement officials and troops in their efforts to keep the crowds under control and secure the inauguration. One of them, sources said, is Bikers For Trump.

Other patriotic Americans are also very likely to want to be on hand on Inauguration Day – if it happens. But insiders are urging that anyone who wants to attend the inauguration as a means of providing the president-elect with a 'human shield' should arrive unarmed – no firearms or other weapons at all - and in regular civilian clothing (no camouflage, gear, etc.).

As others have reported, groups that are funded in large part by Soros were responsible for disrupting Trump campaign events throughout his candidacy, by using paid thugs to harangue, harass and even attack Trump supporters.

But now that Trump has emerged victorious, it appears that American leftists are not about to accept the lawful results, and are planning not only to disrupt his ascension to the White House, but the democratic process altogether.

This is a developing story...




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