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Delusional bubble of uninformed voters just shattered by ULTIMATE reality check

Donald Trump

(NaturalNews) For the past year, leftist liberals were fully convinced that their chosen presidential candidate – first Bernie, then Hillary – was a shoe-in. There's no way that Donald Trump is going to get anywhere near the White House, they arrogantly boasted, childishly mocking the billionaire businessman's hair, skin color, and tone of voice, all the while never once engaging in any sort of rational discussion about his policies or platform because they apparently didn't see this as necessary.

They figured that if they repeatedly mocked and denigrated Trump's supporters, calling them ignorant racists and woman-hating misogynists, echoing every chance they got the resounding chorus of pop-culture disdain against Trump and his family – at the same time ironically proclaiming the message that "Love Trumps Hate" – that somehow this would be enough to cause Trump's groundswell of grassroots support to just disappear.

But then November 8th came along, and reality set it. Hordes of snowflake millennials, smarter-than-thou intellectuals, and brainwashed social justice warriors were forced to look at themselves in the mirror and realize that they're completely and totally out of touch with reality. For the first time in many of their lives, these shell-shocked individuals came to the stark realization that the world doesn't revolve around them, and that there are tens of millions of Americans out there who think differently than they do.

These people are now learning that in real America, "safe spaces" don't just make things that you don't like go away. Throwing a tantrum also doesn't change an election outcome, though many of these coddled folks were likely taught this during their time at liberal arts college, where ideological fantasies are regarded as fact, and where "mean" people who believe in things like enforcing immigration laws and rooting out government corruption are forced into silence, creating the illusion that everyone thinks like a Democrat.

Liberals just don't get it: Real Americans want a fighter who supports strong borders, national sovereignty, and cultural unity

The truth of the matter is that the American people have finally spoken, and it's not what the Left ever wanted to hear. In their world, Hillary Clinton was going to be crowned as Queen of America without so much as a peep from the bulk of the electorate, which these people apparently believed was on their side. The mainstream media is largely to blame for this, having created the illusion all year long that Donald Trump was just a loose-lipped demagogue whose only support comes from racists, misogynists, sexists, and homophobes.

When this narrative turned out to be false – the vast majority of everyday, red-blooded Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life voted for Trump, it turns out – these precious snowflakes quickly melted into a collective puddle of despair and outrage. They're now marching, protesting, and in some cases engaging in violence and rioting, simply because they hate Trump and can't believe that he actually won.

Everyone who was on the "Trump Train" for the past year already knew the Donald Trump had widespread support that cut across all demographic boundaries, despite what the media repeatedly claimed. They saw Trump's many rallies, every single one of which was packed to the brim with tens of thousands of American patriots. They saw what Trump had to say from his own mouth, which wasn't at all what the media talking-heads were saying he said. And they saw that Trump meant what he said and remained consistent with it, also disrupting the mainstream narrative.

To these folks, it was obvious that Hillary Clinton didn't really stand a chance, especially not in light of the email scandal and latter revelations about possible pedophilia and sex-trafficking activities. But to the insulated liberals whose news comes almost solely from late-night comedy television and the likes of CNN and Buzzfeed, nothing was more shocking and disrupting to their fragile little lives.

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