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Notice how social media sites like Twitter aren't banning accounts of Leftists calling for the assassination of Donald Trump?

Social media

(NaturalNews) Memo to the idiots who have been brainwashed by the Left into thinking you can say whatever you want about President-elect Trump because, you know, he's not President Obama or Hillary Clinton: You can't. In fact, depending upon what you say, you might just find yourself being paid a visit by the Secret Service or the FBI – or both.

I'll explain, but first, here's an additional shout-out to the Leftist, Kool-aid-drinking tech lords of social media: Not only are you monumental hypocrites, you're liable to be considered accessories to the alarming number of very public assassination threats against our next president of the United States.

As noted by AllNewsPipeline, Trump's unexpected election victory over the highly compromised and oft-investigated Hillary Clinton has brought out the worst behavior in far too many people. Most of them have limited their dissent to protests on campuses and in the streets of some major cities.

Others have resorted to violence, physically and criminally assaulting Trump supporters and/or attacking police, painting graffiti and breaking windows.

But some of the more vile Americans have resorted to calling for the unthinkable (and highly illegal): That Trump should be assassinated before he even takes office, and they are using social media – the same social media that has censored Trump supporters like Breitbart News' Milo Yiannopoulos – to do it.

AllNewsPipeline published a summary of the insane hatred towards Trump in the form of tweets including:

-- "There's still 2 months for someone to assassinate Trump and Obama to pardon them"

-- "someone's gotta take one for the team and assassinate donald trump before he starts f**king s**t up"

-- "honestly if i had the ambition and wasn't afraid of jail i'd try to assassinate trump lol"

-- "I don't really believe much in "God" but I'll pray this one time. I pray for nothing but death to Trump. Ok I'm done."

-- "Trump ain't president 'til inauguration day lmao you guys still have time to assassinate BOTH Trump and Pence."

And so on. But as AllNewsPipeline pointed out, Facebook is equally guilty of allowing this treasonous, seditious trash: A screen grab of the Facebook search function with the word "assassinate" typed in showed several results as "popular" searches, including "assassinate Donald Trump," "assassinate Trump," and "assassinate."

The Wrap reported further that one user posted shortly after the Trump/Pence victory, "Can someone assassinate Trump and fix this huge mistake?"

Note to the haters who think they're being cute or bold or whatever: Threatening the life of the president or vice president, or the president-elect or vice president-elect, is a violation of federal law. Under 18 U.S. Code 871, persons found guilty of making such death threats shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

But more than that, this vile hatred of a man who hasn't even taken office yet is not only unwarranted, it's virtually unprecedented. There were plenty of Americans who were upset when then-Sen. Barack Obama was elected to his first term. But there was no mass movement among the dissenting population to assassinate him. What's more, there were no widespread protests or rioting where participants called for death to Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden, burned things, smashed store windows and defaced public and private property with nasty, hate-filled messages.

But the larger picture today is that the "social justice warriors" who founded today's most popular social media sites are co-conspirators in the call for Trump's life by not shutting these haters down and eliminating their memberships. While it's very easy for someone who has been booted to re-sign under another alias using a different email address, anytime someone threatens the life of another person, they should once again be immediately booted from the site, no questions asked.

The longer this goes on, the more Americans will learn who are the real enemies of freedom, liberty and equality: The angry Left and their masters in the pop culture, media, political realm and in tech who tell them what to think, what to say and what to do. It truly is an example of mind-numbed zombie-like robots who are programmed to repeat certain talking points and oppose viewpoints they don't agree with, even to the point of making illegal threats on the life of our next president and vice president.

Here's a prediction: The angry Left will continue to erupt in this manner throughout the duration of Trump's presidency, however long it may last. As long as it's just protests, that's fine: It's their right.

But if this "assassination" stuff is allowed to continue, and social media sites serve as both a forum and an echo chamber for such talk, they should also be held criminally liable, especially if some idiot thug punk, at some point, is driven to 'act' by the idiots egging him or her on across the Internet.






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