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Vasectomy 'parties' on the rise as couples celebrate future 'child-free' lives

Vasectomy parties

(NaturalNews) The miracle of childbirth is something that expectant parents have been celebrating with their loved ones since the beginning of time. But the rampant narcissism of the modern age has bred an entirely new mindset about having children that, at least in some circles, has made it a celebratory occasion to not have them.

Instead of holding baby showers, members of this depraved subculture are actually throwing parties when the men in their circles undergo vasectomies, a procedure that sterilizes them and prevents them from impregnating women. And rather than celebrate the creation of new life, this death-cult celebrates being able to embrace a self-centered lifestyle centered around boats, cars, and pleasure -- no children allowed.

Some are calling it a sign of the times -- foregoing children to live a lifestyle more suited to the rich and famous than to the perpetuation of civilization. But all in the name of fun, these folks would rather just live it up and die, leaving nothing behind for future civilizations. And the worst part is that these folks gleefully revel in this self-infatuated fantasy.

One user on the popular Reddit bulletin site commented to anti-baby supporters that the concept is "absolutely brilliant," while another added a congratulatory blessing that they have "a happy childfree life. [sic]" Another user, a woman who apparently decided that the "motherhood mandate" isn't for her, piped in that she came to the realization that having children "wasn't the only possible narrative" for her life.

"Our society is all about celebrating traditional milestones," Amy Blackstone, one of the site's bloggers and an apparent supporter of vasectomy parties, told The New York Post. "You graduate, you get married, you have a child. But that's a very narrow path and isn't indicative of many people's experiences."

Vasectomies destroy male reproductive ability for life
While many couples struggle to attain the level of fertility necessary to have children, attendees of vasectomy parties seem to get a kick out of mutilating the male reproductive organs to destroy their ability to procreate. In these people's minds, ending their own gene pools is something to celebrate, so break out the cake and champagne!

What many people fail to realize, though, is just how invasive the vasectomy procedure actually is. A man's scrotum is first numbed with local anesthesia, followed by a doctor going in and snipping his vas deferens, the tubes that carry sperm from the testes to the penis. The tube is then reassembled with a blocked passageway, which neutralizes the fertilizing potential of semen.

It's a procedure that's been around for quite a while, and statistics show that it has a 99.9 percent success rate. But a vasectomy is not without its potential complications, including the possibility of bleeding, infection, or worse -- serious conditions like a hematoma, sperm granuloma, congestive epididymitis (post-vasectomy pain syndrome), antisperm antibody formation, and psychogenic impotence.

And while it's widely claimed that vasectomies have no effect on a man's hormonal profile, there's plenty of evidence to the contrary. Dr. R. F. Raspa, who published a 1993 paper on the complications associated with the vasectomy procedure, wrote that in addition to hormonal and immunological changes, vasectomies are associated with prostate, testicular, and other forms of cancer, as well as kidney stones.

"Often, the possibility of these types of problems was not disclosed beforehand, despite decades of research in medical literature demonstrating numerous complications," says Kevin Hauber, founder and authors of "If It Works, Don't Fix It! What Every Man Should Know BEFORE Having a Vasectomy."

"This can lead to a desperate, painful, and lonely situation for a man and his family."





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