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True costs beyond the cigarette - Depreciating your health, your family's health, your house and your car

Smoking cigarettes

(NaturalNews) If you start talking about the cost of cigarettes, everybody does the same thing -- they multiply the cost of one pack by the number of packs you smoke per week, and then times four weeks and then times 12 months. Instantly, you have a sum total of the money wasted in a year, and people can "rationalize" with you a little about the addiction. Then they start naming all kinds of things you could be doing or could have done with "all that money," like some savvy investment or something. But who wants to hear that when you just can't seem to quit?

You've probably tried hard more than once. Where's the sympathy? It's not just about making some simple decision based on some quick calculation of cost, but thank you. Then, you have people who are more analytical and comprehensive, and they take the "cost" concepts and strategies to the next level. And when these "factoring" individuals take it upon themselves to share what they have put together for you, well, then you can appreciate the true "cost" associated with smoking ammonia, pesticide and formaldehyde all day, waiting for something bad to happen while it's all happening.

Here's a look at what you MAY NOT have considered, and it may just change your mind, about how you approach addiction and how you approach the natural solution to this "equation." There's more to quitting than adding up how much a daily cigarette pack (or two or three) costs after one year, or five years, or 10. There's more to quitting smoking than naming what you "could be doing with all that money." There's a big picture that just about everyone is missing, and if they knew, they would catapult themselves into action.

Success vs. Bankruptcy

First things first -- let's get this out of the way. Take a year in review: A pack of cigarettes smoked every day in "low price" states runs about $2,500 a year, but in New York it can run you about $5,000. Put that in the bank for five years and you can pay cash for a nice new automobile or put a salt water pool in the backyard. Or, you could buy 4 to 5 acres of land in some rural area, have a couple truckloads of organic soil delivered to your new home, and buy some organic seeds and fruit trees. Add in a greenhouse and some solar panels and what have you got? Organic self-sufficiency and a sustainable future is what you've got.

Think about this. You could be losing productivity at work right now, at your business or your livelihood. How often are you absent from work because cigarettes drive sickness and miserably extend it? People lose about $4,000 or more a year being less productive as smokers, being absent from work and/or less efficient. This money is never even accounted for, since it is never seen in a paycheck or used for any resources.

Plus, down the road, treatment for lung cancer or heart disease is enough to levy and foreclose on your home if you aren't covered properly by insurance and savings. Adult health care, hospital care, ambulatory care and prescription medications will continue after bankruptcy anyway. (http://www.simplifiedissuelifeinsurance.com)

If you are the smoker in this "big picture," do you think about the depreciation of the value of your home? Three out of four people will not buy a home that smells like smoke or has yellow/brown tar on the walls and ceiling. An automobile can lose about $1,000 in value in just five years of smoking in it regularly.

Add it all up and you could have done some home improvements, like put in a saltwater hot tub and infrared sauna. When you change your own health, you are changing the world as a whole -- did you know that? Your energy and motivation ripple outward and affect the people around you, your environment and evolution in general.

Every cigarette takes away about 7 minutes of your life

After 10 years, you've cut about nine months off your life. Yes, there are exceptions to smoking and living long, but what is your condition and mode every day? Are you really free? Smoking is a vice with a really good grip, on you, if you are the culprit. The secret to ending the habit is looking INTO IT deeper so you can smile your way out of it, instead of dreading it. Fear is powerful, but your will is smarter. Let's turn the corner together right now and add 10 to 20 HEALTHY years to your life.

The joy of having thousands of dollars for organic food and vacations

The beauty of any vacation is -- not having to worry about anything. That's when you can sit and reflect, and appreciate things the way they are and all that you have done in life to come "this far." If you're eating healthy and exercising regularly, you feel like a million bucks! This is the ultimate joy of having "nice things" and being able to enjoy them. If you're sick, tired and full of anxiety, it doesn't matter where you take your vacations or what you experience while you're there. And now the joy of affording both -- great health and phenomenal experiences -- comes to you as knowledge and an action plan.

The secret to motivation, appreciation and evolution lives in an organic world, where the food is organic, the water is organic, and the body and blood are running on organic fuel. When the brain and heart work in tandem, your potential is "released" to you. The secret to motivation and success lives in organic food. Catapult yourself into action. Go there now. You can quit smoking naturally in 14 days or less with an organic method the Health Ranger recommends:

Watch the trailer here for 14 & Out:(http://premium.naturalnews.tv/14AndOut__TV.htm)

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