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Prescription nightmare! Fluorinated drugs used for anxiety and depression cross the blood-brain barrier, cause permanent nerve damage

Fluoridated medications

(NaturalNews) The fluoride you find in most U.S. drinking water comes from adding a fluorine compound, usually sodium fluoride, sodium fluorosilicate or fluorosilicic acid. Both fluoride and fluorine are toxic to humans, and aren't just found in public water, but also in products made with that water, including soda, reconstituted fruit juices, beer, wine and yes, prescription medications.

Fluorination in general facilitates the passage of certain drugs through the blood-brain barrier, interfering with human DNA and making most antibiotics and at least one third of all prescription medications exponentially more powerful, while bringing with that "power" extremely dangerous side effects that can last a lifetime. Fluorination of pharmaceutical drugs allows those chemical medicines to enter otherwise impermeable cells, creating a level of toxicity rarely, if ever, considered or discussed by medical doctors with their patients.

A certain class of fluorinated antibiotics called fluoroquinolone were once removed from the market for causing lethal side effects, only to be reintroduced while carrying black box warnings about possible "tendon rupture" and "permanent peripheral neuropathy." The fluorine added to drugs causes damage to the DNA of mitochondria, which are the organelles found in all cells of the human body that are necessary for energy production and other functions vital to life.

Fluoride accumulates in the human body, so people who drink unfiltered tap water regularly are more susceptible to poisoning from fluorinated drugs, which include – but are not limited to – general anesthesias, chemotherapy, antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. Once the human body reaches the saturation threshold, symptoms become unbearable and unmanageable by doctors, including severe nervous system disorders, nerve pain, tendon ruptures, gastrointestinal issues, sensory impairments, autoimmune diseases, blood sugar problems and even emotional disorders. Due to the catapulting of drug toxicity by fluorination, the human threshold for toleration can be crossed after just a few prescription pills. Imagine how many people wash down such medications with tap water or drinks made with fluoridated water.

Once a person becomes poisoned by the bioaccumulation of fluoride, they can become hypersensitive to even extremely small amounts. Think now of how many dentists push fluoride as "healthy" and good for building or maintaining "strong teeth." Most medical doctors in America prescribe fluorinated drugs for even the mildest health conditions. Some doctors prescribe these toxic antibiotics for viral infections, where the drugs are not only useless, but extremely toxic and harmful. One good example is fluoroquinolone, an antibiotic with an added fluoride atom. The fluoride in drugs is boosted far beyond the limits allowed in drinking water, and is also commonly mass-prescribed in anti-inflammatory steroids and even anesthetic drugs used to put patients under for surgical procedures.

Drug companies and their evil scientists love using fluorine in medications because it serves as a solvent for penetrating human tissue, decreasing the amount of the expensive drug needed to be delivered to its "end goal." Not only do fluorinated drugs penetrate the blood-brain barrier, but they also hinder the thyroid gland's activity by replacing iodine.

And yes, fluoride causes cancer too. It also easily seeps into the pineal gland of the brain, calcifying it slowly over time. Fluorinated antibiotics are often completely synthetic and kill the good bacteria in the human gut that is responsible for the majority of immunity. This is also why free radicals are able to take over many human bodies and another reason cancer attacks one in every three Americans, killing about half in the process. Now you see why prescription medications are often the "beginning of the end" for so many people.

Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome - Do you have it?

In 2013, research revealed that all human organs experience cellular deterioration from toxic fluorination, including connecting tissues and the nervous system. Is this why so many medical doctors are so confused by the myriad of symptoms most of their medicated patients keep returning to them with, or do they all really know that fluorinated antibiotics, antidepressants, anxiety meds, steroids and anesthetics are the root cause? Do dentists really know they are exacerbating the mass fluoridation epidemic by pushing fluoride as healthy? Could it be that our cells are literally choking to death from prescription medicine, tap water and toothpaste, and the doctors are all "in on it?"

According to Consumer Reports, warnings from the FDA advise us that fluoroquinolone antibiotics should not be prescribed for minor infections, but health enthusiasts already know that we should be avoiding synthetic antibiotics altogether. Nature provides natural antibiotics anyway, that don't kill our good gut bacteria. Haven't you heard of oil of oregano, garlic, licorice root, colloidal silver and aloe?

You may be able to cure FTS.

Step one: Stop taking in fluoride and fluorine, by any means. Fluorine can also be found in ibuprofen and other common OTC (over-the-counter) painkillers that contain acetaminophen.

Step two: Stop drinking water from the tap, unless you have a high quality water filter like the Big Berkey system – the world's most effective non-electric, gravity water filtration system.

Step three: Look into amino-acid supplements like NAC (N-acetyl-L-cysteine) that help prevent and/or reverse mitochondrial damage caused by fluoridated bactericidal antibiotics.

Special thanks go out to Jay S. Cohen, M.D., for his relentless research and whistleblowing information about FTS. Doctor Cohen has been reporting on serious adverse reactions to fluorinated drugs for decades via medical journals and letters to the FDA.

Thousands of cases of fluoroquinolone toxicity have been reported to the FDA, but these account for only a small percentage of the actual number of humans experiencing adverse reactions. Imagine if everyone knew the facts! Spread the word, and be careful whose "advice" you take. Check with your naturopath first.

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