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Medical exemptions for vaccines soon to be eliminated across California


(NaturalNews) In California, any medical doctors who oppose the state's mandatory forced vaccinations face prosecution and the possible loss of their licenses to practice medicine, even though the law, known as SB277, states that they are allowed to grant medical exemptions.

Science on the safety of vaccines is not settled; in fact, in case after case, vaccines have been reported as spreading infectious diseases, causing neurological disorders like autism, and crippling the immune systems of the "immunized" infants and children. Still, big government and the "nanny" state of California are enforcing the unethical and dangerous practice of injecting mercury, aluminum, MSG and formaldehyde into children's muscle tissue, based on the false claim that all vaccines are proven 100 percent safe and 100 percent effective. In fact, they know full well that this is a huge lie that generates more "patients for life" for the doctors who form part of the tyrannical Western chemical medicine complex.

Chemical medicine complex enforcing mass vaccination in California, prosecuting doctors who don't comply

Is your baby allergic to mercury and formaldehyde? The California Medical Board doesn't care. Could your new baby develop autism, Asperger's or an autoimmune disorder from vaccines? The California medical "police" don't give a damn. Does your pediatrician recommend that your child stagger the vaccine schedule, spread it out more, or leave a few dangerous, untested and unsafe vaccines out of the mix? California medical tyrants could care less. You and your doctor will be prosecuted for non-compliance, your children will not be attending school, and your doctor may lose his/her license. Now shut up and inject every toxin the CDC declares is safe, even though the senior scientist at the CDC has already confessed that the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) causes autism.

A California medical doctor, Bob Sears, is being "disciplined" by the state Medical Board of California for writing a medical exemption, which is perfectly legal according to SB277, for a 2-year old child who experienced severe allergic reactions to previous toxic injections. Dr. Sears is not anti-vaccine, mind you – he simply assessed the situation and recommended that the parents leave out a couple of vaccines and spread some others out to spare the child further neurological damage, as well as the digestive and intestinal complications that the parents observed shortly after the child received the previous series of shots.

Why did the California Medical Board single out Dr. Sears for prosecution, for what they are calling "gross negligence?" Simple: It's a "witch hunt." Dr. Sears authored a book about vaccine dangers, and he favors informed consent that abides by the AMA's own ethics statutes. American citizens have the right to choose medical procedures, medicines and treatments, and according to law cannot be force-medicated by the state or government – but that's now how it's "going down" in California.

Dr. Sears is a burning scarecrow, intended by the state to intimidate other medical doctors who are thinking about writing medical exemptions for their patients. After all, the state didn't write SB277 to allow doctors to let parents of young children "off the hook." Rather, SB277 – a blatant violation of the constitution – is part of a sinister plan to increase autism cases and create more income flow for the vaccine and pharmaceutical medical complex. Even though Dr. Sears may have saved a child's life, he is being "burned at the stake" because he simply wrote a medical exemption letter.

Who put California's vaccine-extremist agenda in effect in the first place?

The author of SB277, California Senator Dr. Richard Pan, received campaign donations – on record – from Merck during the 2010 election cycle. Pan delivered a highly aggressive agenda to support forced vaccinations as it coincides with financial and powerful lobby interests that directly pad his pockets. Pan is on record as saying that he wouldn't persecute doctors who wrote medical exemptions, but SB277 forbids children from attending public or private school if they aren't injected with flu shots, swine flu jabs, infectious boosters and more. Senator Pan benefits directly from a chemical medicine industry chock full of corruption.

Health Impact News and natural health enthusiasts at Natural News are now calling on the California Medical Board to close the case against Dr. Sears and respect the AMA stated ethics of medicine and the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship. Join the medical freedom movement!

Support Dr. Sears by writing a letter to the California Medical Board:

Attn: Dr. Dev GnanaDev, M.D. president and Denise Pines, Vice President
The Medical Board of California
2005 Evergreen Street Suite 1200
Sacramento California 95815

Or email them: [email protected].

Better yet, call the Medical Board of California and explain why you #StandWithSears: 1-800-633-2322.

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