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Corporate incest: The revolving door between the CDC, Emory University and the vaccine industry

Vaccine industry

(NaturalNews) Harrowed by a growing and unstoppable public awakening about the dangers and futility of vaccines, the vaccine industry has taken to social media and the blogging world with a desperate new propaganda campaign known as "Voices for Vaccines," which claims to be a "non-profit organization run by volunteer parents" in support of vaccines. But a closer look into who actually runs this latest pro-vaccine scam reveals that it is the work of none other than the vaccine industry itself, with the help of its buddies in the federal government and academia.

Investigative journalist Jeffry John Aufderheide from VacTruth.com recently published a groundbreaking report uncovering this shameless attempt at mass indoctrination, exposing the "man behind the curtain," so to speak, pulling the strings over at Voices for Vaccines. Far from the grassroots effort that it feigns to be, Voices for Vaccines is controlled almost entirely by interests connected with the vaccine industry, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Emory University near Atlanta, Georgia, both of which aggressively promote vaccines.

As a little background, the CDC was responsible for funding the infamous Danish study that claimed, falsely, to have proven that vaccines do not cause autism. The lead author of this faux-study, as we reported back in 2011, was later indicted on charges of fraud and money laundering, which the CDC and others downplayed in their quest to destroy the legitimate work of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, whose inquiry into the gastrointestinal effects of the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine became the "shot heard 'round the world," so to speak, in deconstructing pro-vaccine pseudoscience.

The lead author of the Danish study, Poul Thorsen of Aarhus University, had previously held a full-time position at none other than Emory University, which just so happens to be very intimately involved with the CDC, both geographically and politically. Essentially sharing the same campus in Decatur, Georgia, Emory and the CDC have long shared many of the same employees as well, the epitome of "revolving door" cronyism that for decades has governed the policymaking efforts of these two organizations.

And this is exactly the same corrupt impetus behind the new Voices for Vaccines campaign, which it turns out is the brainchild of Emory and the CDC on behalf of the vaccine industry. Through a slick corporate whitewashing effort, this unholy trinity has managed to discreetly funnel money from powerful interests into an "astroturfing" campaign -- astroturfing is a term used to describe the highly manipulative tactic of paying people to pretend to support something in order to generate actual public support for it -- pretending to be regular parents in support of vaccines.

Voices for Vaccines controlled by pro-vaccine shell organization created by Emory University

On the surface, Voices for Vaccines appears to be a grassroots effort instigated by volunteer moms who feel so strongly about the importance of vaccines that they decided to start a blog about them. But a closer look reveals that the real entity behind Voices for Vaccines is not independent parents but Emory University, through a shell charity organization the school runs known as the Task Force for Global Health (TFGH).

A simple whois domain inquiry, the screenshot of which is posted at VacTruth.com, reveals that TFGH is, indeed, the registered owner behind the Voices for Vaccines website. Aufderheide's incredible investigative work also proves that TFGH is a direct affiliate of Emory University, and all of its employees are actually Emory University employees as well.

What makes this problematic is the fact that TFGH's scientific advisory board is composed entirely of pro-vaccine shills who all have connections to either the vaccine industry, the pro-vaccine CDC, or other organizations with a vested interest in promoting vaccines at all costs. The director of TFGH, Alan Hinman, used to be the direct of the CDC's Immunization Division, and also led a third-world vaccine program funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Establishment quack Paul Offit behind Voices for Vaccines scam

The four Voices for Vaccines advisory board members underneath Hinman have similar affiliations, all having previously worked, or currently working, for either the CDC or pro-vaccine organizations being funded by the CDC. And in every case, each member has received some kind of funding, whether direct or indirect, from the vaccine industry.

Included on this board is the infamous vaccine hawk Paul Offit, who once stated that infants have the theoretical capacity to safely be injected with 10,000 vaccines at once. Offit also holds a patent on a rotavirus vaccine along with a man by the name of Stanley Plotkin, who -- surprise! -- is also a Voices for Vaccines advisory member. Both Offit and Plotkin continue to receive royalties from drug giant Merck & Co. for this vaccine.

Voices for Vaccines traces back to Rockefeller family, World Bank and UN

But the rabbit hole goes even deeper. During his investigation, Aufderheide discovered that TFGH, the organization controlling Voices for Vaccines, was actually created to serve as the administrative hub for globalist eugenics organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Bank, the United Nations (UN) and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Each of these organizations heavily promotes vaccines, and the Rockefeller connection in particular, as explained in the book The Molecular Vision of Life, proves that the ultimate goal behind this incestuous network of pro-vaccine propaganda is to seize control of what the public views as science. In this case, that agenda clearly involves infiltrating and controlling both academia (Emory) and government (CDC) to further the vaccine agenda.

"The Voices for Vaccines program at the Task Force for Global Health may be administered by a few mothers, but they are not the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes," writes Aufderheide. "Furthermore, the past, present and future relationships with the Centers for Disease Control, Emory University, and pharmaceutical companies should immediately raise a red flag for any parent."

Aufderheide's game-changing investigation into the revolving door between the vaccine industry, the CDC and Emory University can be accessed here:

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