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Viral video: Many shocked to learn the horrifying way Gummy Bears are made

Gummy bears

(NaturalNews) Did you know that gummy bears, one of America's most popular junk food candies, are made in part from gelatin? Though a common ingredient in food, gelatin may not be what you think it is.

A colorless, odorless and tasteless substance, gelatin is found in many candies, including candy corn, trifles, gelatin desserts and items such as gummy bears, peeps, jelly babies, fruit snacks, marshmallows, ice cream and yogurt, according to New Health Advisor.

The ingredient is not limited to food, either, as it is also used in photography, pharmaceutical drugs and the manufacturing of cosmetics. Many of you may not realize it, but gelatin is made from boiling the tendons, cartilage, skin and bones of animals.

Common ingredient in candies and desserts made from chopped up animal parts

"It is usually obtained from pigs or cows, but the gelatin in Jell-O is almost always from pigskin," as is depicted in a video which has since gone viral, showing the process of how gummy bears are made.

The contents used to make gelatin are usually retrieved from slaughterhouses. The process begins by inspecting animal parts for quality, before chopping them up into usable pieces. Then, as the video shows, these pieces are washed with high-pressure sprays before being soaked in hot water to degrease.

This, in turn, reduces the fat content to about 2 percent. The animal parts are then moved to an industrial dryer where they are roasted at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

How gelatin is made

In order to eliminate bacteria, the animal parts are soaked in a form of acid for five days, which helps release the collagen. The bones, skin and tissue are then boiled so that "workers can draw off the liquid using a tube that runs from the extractor.

"The liquid then moves through filters to separate tissue, bone, and skin that may still be there. The liquid then moves to the evaporators where it is separated from the solid gelatin. It then moves to the next machine where it is pressed into sheets. Sometimes, it is passed through a grinder to turn into a fine powdery form."

Finally, the ingredient is flavored or colored before being added to your favorite foods. Now, do the aforementioned foods still sound appetizing to you? Probably not.

While the process of making gelatin is less than appealing, the ingredient is said to have many health benefits. For one, it's known for its remarkable ability to heal the skin due to the fact that it's rich in collagen.

The health benefits of gelatin

It helps keep skin elastic, as well as renew skin cells, according to Grass Fed Girl. "Gelatin makes up the connective tissues of the skin that are responsible for giving skin its strength and firmness."

Taking gelatin orally can do wonders for the skin. But not all gelatin is the same. Healthy food cannot come from unhealthy animals, says Grass Fed Girl.

Therefore, when using gelatin you should look for information showing that the product was made from grass-fed livestock and not factory farmed animals, as they are much more sick and unhealthy as a result of living in confined, overcrowded and dirty spaces.

Ingesting a healthy version of gelatin supports "youthful-looking, resilient skin." In addition to preventing and reducing wrinkles, gelatin is also good for your teeth, hair and nails due to its nutrient-rich minerals.

Gelatin can also help prevent stretch marks and cellulite, as well as help detox the liver, because it's rich in glycine, crucial for good liver health.

The ingredient can also aid in weight loss and digestion, while supporting strong, healthy bones and reducing arthritis.






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