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Are we winning the war on cancer or just propping up a toxic industry?

Cancer treatments

(NaturalNews) There has been a lot of talk about the "war on cancer." It's a frightening and deadly disease, and it's certainly something that most of us would like to see successfully conquered. However, not everyone seems to be in a hurry for a definitive cure to emerge. Unfortunately, the highly profitable cancer industry is working hard to protect its own interests.

In some ways, it's tempting to say that we have already lost this war. One out of every 16 people got cancer in the 1940s; that figure is now one out of every three. In 2014, more than 1.6 million new cancer diagnoses and 585,720 cancer deaths were projected in the U.S. alone. You would think this would be bad news across the board, but the cancer industry is simply watching its profits grow.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) says that the medical costs of care for cancer patients totals $125 billion, a figure that is expected to rise by 39 percent to reach $173 billion at the end of this decade. The industry produces a lot of income and employs a staggering number of people.

A whopping $6 billion in taxpayer funds gets cycled through different federal agencies to pay for cancer research. Charities are everywhere you turn, collecting money for cancer patients or organizing marathons and other activities. Unfortunately, when we give our hard-earned cash to cancer charities, it often ends up being used to fund research backed by Big Pharma. In many cases, none of it will make its way to alternative research on treatment for cancer.

Lots of research and funding, but few results

The cancer cartel, which is made up of Big Pharma, the American Medical Association, a research system supporting pharmaceutical companies and various federal agencies, burns through research money at a shocking pace, and yet there is still no cure. In fact, there are only three treatments that have gained official approval for cancer in the U.S. surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy – and most of us know one or more people who were not helped by these options. No new cancer therapies have gained FDA approval in the last century.

While clinical research was once carried out largely by universities and was relatively unbiased, much of the funding started being diverted to for-profit research organizations in the 1990s. Many of these organizations are controlled to some extent by the pharmaceutical industry, which designs studies that will yield the results they want. They also have control over research publications. They even manage to ensure research on alternative medical therapies never sees the light of day in most mainstream journals, which is why those that publish independent research free from industry collusion like the Natural Science Journal are so important.

Alternative treatments largely ignored by researchers

Conventional medicine has largely ignored some interesting research that shows that cancer is more of a metabolic disease than a genetic one. After all, a genetic disease would call for individualized drugs and huge profits. Some studies have indicated that because cancer cells rely on glucose and glutamine for their survival and growth, restricting access to them can stop cancer in its tracks. Instead of a magic pill, a high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet can essentially starve cancer cells, according to Dr. Thomas N. Seyfried. Of course, most research isn't looking into this because there aren't profits to be made in telling people to change their eating habits.

It's also important to note that since the 1970s, secondary cancers have risen more than 300 percent. A document released by the American Cancer Society admits the disturbing truth that cancer treatments could be behind many of these second cancers, with radiation therapy and chemotherapy drugs both likely culprits.

It appears that the highly profitable cancer industry cannot afford to let anyone find a cure for the disease. If any alternative treatments for cancer suddenly gained approval the toxic cancer industry would come to a crashing halt, and Big Pharma simply won't let that happen.

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