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Mainstream media refuses to acknowledge health risks of anti-Zika DEET spraying


(NaturalNews) Judging by the number of horror stories circulating in the mainstream media regarding the so-called Zika virus "epidemic," one might get the idea that Americans are facing a health threat as dangerous as HIV/AIDS or even the Black Plague.

Every day, a batch of fresh fear-mongering stories are published or broadcast by the mainstream news outlets, warning us of new means of transmission and the horrible effects of the disease.

In today's news, for example, there are new stories about possible Zika virus infection through contact with human tears and contaminated meth (of all things).

The media loves this kind of clickbait stuff; it generates ratings, and serves the purposes of those who want to scare the pants off the public with wild exaggerations regarding the effects of the Zika virus.

What the media isn't telling you is that the chemicals being used to kill suspected Zika-carrying mosquitoes are far worse for your health than the disease itself.

Even the CDC admits that the Zika virus is nearly harmless, produces no symptoms at all in most people who contract it, rarely requires hospitalization and has killed almost no one.

And the link between Zika and microcephaly in newborns is completely unproven; there have been no reliable studies corroborating such a link, and many experts believe that the reported cases of microcephaly in Brazil may have actually been caused by exposure to pesticides!

The dangers of DEET used in combination with other pesticides

Meanwhile, we are being sprayed with dangerous neurotoxins in an effort to kill the Zika-carrying mosquitoes, and the media is saying nothing about the harmful effects of such pesticides. In fact, they are telling us that we should also use the over-the-counter insecticide known as DEET to further protect ourselves.

No mention is made regarding the fact that DEET itself is dangerous (it has been shown to cause damage to the central nervous systems of humans), and that when humans are exposed to DEET in combination with other insecticides, there may be a dangerous binary effect.

In other words, if you are applying DEET to your body and are also being exposed to other pesticides being sprayed to control Zika-carrying mosquitoes, you may be subject to a far greater health risk than that of being exposed to one or the other on their own.

But no one is talking about that. In fact, so-called experts are making irresponsible statements such as the one uttered by mosquito geneticist Dr. Matthew DeGennaro, who recently told CBS that "DEET should be Miami's new perfume."

Even if you don't believe that the Zika virus hysteria is largely a hoax invented by those who stand to benefit from such a scheme (e.g. the vaccine industry), it's very difficult to defend such irresponsible and non-scientific information being disseminated to the public.

Scientific illiteracy or deliberate lies?

Carpet-bombing the nation with dangerous neurotoxins that kill bees by the millions and cause untold harm to humans, while also encouraging citizens to apply DEET on their bodies – which will only heighten the poisonous effects of such spraying – is beyond irresponsible. It's completely insane – unless, of course, the real goal is to actually poison the populace.

As Mike Adams, the Health Ranger wrote:

"A rational approach to all this would consider both the claimed benefits and legitimate risks of aerial pesticide spraying, yet what we observe across conventional science, media and government today is a quack science denial of the existence of any health risks whatsoever. This is an instant red flag that we're all being subject to a massive cover-up. Any health authority or expert who claims deadly pesticides can be sprayed on civilian populations without any risk of neurological defects in children is either scientifically illiterate or deliberately lying."

Either way, we are not being told the truth.

The bottom line is that we are in far more danger of being poisoned by anti-Zika pesticide spraying and combined exposure to DEET, than we are of suffering any serious effects from the disease itself.

But you won't hear about that anywhere in the mainstream news.






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