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Child abuse: Austrialian doctors subject 4-year-old to sex change surgery

Sex change surgery

(NaturalNews) In what is easily one of the most outrageous examples of child abuse in modern history, parents in Australia have actually consented to their four-year-old child's request to change sexes – and then found a doctor willing to go along with the craziness.

As reported by Yahoo news, the child – whose birth sex was not released by Australian education officials over privacy concerns – is the youngest in the country's history to have self-acclaimed "gender dysphoria" and sought to change sexes.

But that's not all. Yahoo 7, citing The Daily Telegraph, reported that children as young as three are also claiming gender dysphoria, and are being referred to state hospitals for sex-change treatment in New South Wales.

Gregory Prior, the deputy secretary of school operations for the NSW education department, said that "a number" of students within the state had similar feelings.

"Without breaching privacy, we have a four-year-old who is transitioning to kindergarten next year who has identified as transgender," Prior said at a budget estimates hearing, which discussed details of the Safe Schools program.

"The Safe Schools is only one resource that can be used from a variety of resources in how we would support that family, student and school to accommodate a child going through transition."

Judging by the Yahoo 7 report, there appears to be somewhat of a gender dysphoria epidemic in Australia. According to data from the Westmead Children's Hospital in NSW, referrals for gender dysphoria have tripled in recent years. Also, a children's unit at a hospital in Melbourne is currently assisting 250 children; 10 years ago the unit was only assisting one.

Insanity on steroids

So-called "transgender advocate" Catherine McGregor said that most children were correct when they identified at a young age as a different gender. But psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg countered that only a small percentage – less than 3 percent – fit McGregor's view.

Other psychologists noted that in their opinion taking the word of a 4-year-old identifying as a different gender is not appropriate, because such children are simply too young and mentally undeveloped to know for sure.

That kind of cautionary tone sounds appropriate, given that Western society does not allow 4-year-old children to make other, equally important and life-changing decisions – like getting married or having consensual sexual relations – because we understand that at 4, they aren't old enough to know about such things (or developed enough physically, for that matter).

And yet, doctors and parents in Australia are okay with permitting children who haven't even started Kindergarten to make a sex-based decision that will impact them physically, and quite possibly mentally, for the rest of their lives.

The West continues to sexualize its children

That's not being "progressive," or inclusive, or tolerant – that is, quite simply, insanity on steroids. And frankly, any psychologist who believes that such a young child has the mental ability and maturity to make this kind of decision is not qualified to practice. Any parent or physician who goes along with it should be arrested, tried and found guilty of child abuse.

The manner in which the West continues to sexualize our children at a younger and younger age is an abomination. And it's incredibly hypocritical. On the one hand we tell them they are too young to drink, smoke, wed, vote, drive and have jobs, while on the other we will let them decide for themselves to become another gender.

We hardly even allow them to be children anymore.

As for the United States, The New York Times reports that about 1.4 million adults – or 0.6 percent of the population – identify as transgender, but there are no figures for children. That will likely change now that our Western ally has broken the mold, so to speak, and is allowing and actively enabling such nonsense.






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