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Meet the top 9 shills and propagandists of the toxic vaccine industry

Vaccine shills

(NaturalNews) Puppets, hucksters, charlatans, shills, posers, quacks, sellouts and outright propagandists – whatever you choose to call them is just fine, because what they do for money, notoriety and power, is utterly disgusting, unethical and fraudulent.

So, whether you are paranoid about infectious diseases, or you're brain-damaged by mass repetitive immunizations, these 9 shills are out to convince whoever is paying attention to their propaganda that you must get 50 vaccinations by age 7; all adults need a flu shot every year, including pregnant women; and all humans must comply 100 percent of the time, or face the consequences of the government-led, chemical medicine industrial complex.

This takes place from the dark, evil depths of the CDC, to the "concentration camp" of chemotherapy. A prime example is Dr. Farid Fata who gave deadly cancer treatment to people who did not even have cancer. This took place at Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit, Michigan, where the medicine monsters push their faith-based chemical concoctions on everybody.

The shills "come out at night" too, like the Grand Dragon of psycho-blogging, Dr. David Gorski, a.k.a. "Orac," the surgical oncologist, also of the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit. However, Dr. Gorski is not serving 45 years in a federal prison, as his Karmanos complex cohort Dr. Farid Fata is right now.

When will the following nine repeat offenders have a rap sheet long enough for an actual government regulatory agency to shut them down, and for state medical boards to take away the licenses of those who claim to be medical professionals? What's the crime for covering up permanent damage caused by experimental vaccines and epic-fail chemotherapy? Is that not conspiracy?

Exposing the shills

#1. Dr. Paul Offit: The biggest apologist, puppet and poster boy for the vaccine industry today is Paul "Muppet" Offit. Known for his heavily criticized "RotaTeq" (rotavirus) vaccine, including its patent, this shill might as well be Bill Gates' right hand man for the "global health projects" that sterilize Africans. It's all part of the nefarious plan to reduce the world's population by a few billion in the next decade.

Offit runs the vaccine education propaganda center at a children's hospital in Philadelphia, where he pushes all infants to get jabbed with his patented concoction, which contains risky fetal bovine serum. In spite of this, the "Muppet" is a founding advisory board member of the Autism Science Foundation, while absurdly claiming that a six month old infant can withstand 10,000 vaccines safely.

#2. Dr. Richard Pan, Senator of California: The notorious author of California mandatory vaccination Bill SB277 ran from the producers of the documentary film Vaxxed in his spineless way, to avoid discussing the chemical violence propaganda he pushes on Americans every chance he gets. The draconian vaccine Bill SB277 was "handed down" to Pan from the pharmaceutical industry, and Pan simply did all their maneuvering, even through House hearings, in order to get it passed.

#3. Dr. David Gorski: The nefarious Dr. "Orac" Gorski is a colleague of Dr. Farid Fata, the cancer fraudster who landed in federal prison for the next 45 years. Investigations at the Karmanos-Crittenton cancer treatment property, where Fata worked and Gorski works now, are still under way. Gorski impersonates many different identities online while shaming parents of autistic children and mocking the deaths of complementary medicine doctors.

#4. Poul Thorsen: Thorsen ran the ultimate propaganda campaign to permanently blind everyone to the truth about the vaccine-autism connection, but was indicted by the DOJ in Atlanta in 2011 for nine counts of money laundering and 13 counts of fraud, involving schemes to put CDC research money into his own personal bank accounts (planned so that the CDC couldn't be traced back to the fraudulent "Danish Study.") It worked. Thorsen lied for millions and rigged reports so that the vaccine world could declare no link between mercury injections and autism spectrum disorder. This would not only enable the CDC to keep mercury in vaccines, but to bury other fraud they themselves were committing in the lab regarding the MMR vaccine-autism connection.

#5. Dr. Julie Gerberding: When Dr. William Thompson first tried to look into the connection between the MMR vaccine and high rates of autism in 2002, Gerberding buried the truth. Read the emails from Dr. Thompson directly to Gerberding here.

#6. Bill Gates and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: The head U.S. master in charge of eugenics, population reduction and population control is that really tall, rich, white, software-invention "guy" and his extremely heartfelt desire to enforce GMO food and mass vaccination (with sterilization ingredients) on every ailing nation in Africa, in order to "save" them.

#7. Tribeca Film Festival: What happens when you make a movie about the truth and corporations try to censor it? It gets even more popular. When the bad guys don't want anyone having an intelligent discussion about reality when it comes to American food and medicine, well, then there's no discussion.

The new documentary Vaxxed is based on Dr. William Thompson's experience inside the CDC during all the vaccine violence cover up. The Nazi-funded Tribeca Film Festival may have censored it, but it's selling out in theaters across America.

Read the full article by the Health Ranger entitled: "Full history exposed: Tribeca Film Festival carrying out Nazi agenda of genocide, eugenics and extermination via 'science' and medicine."

#8. Sloan Foundation: You've heard the saying that money is the root of all evil? Actually, the Sloan Foundation is.

#9. Rockefeller Foundation: Did you know that the Rockefellers helped the Nazis build a psychotic, genocidal empire?

Final analysis of the shill conglomeration? Watch, as they scramble to their caves, their "blogs" and their alternative identities, hoping their entire careers, livelihoods and small fortunes don't come crashing down all at once. Wait, too late! Wave goodbye.

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