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Trump polling at two-thirds in REAL polls... all the supposed support for Hillary is fabricated... TRUMP CAN WIN

Political poll

(NaturalNews) Donald Trump is polling at about two-thirds support in real polls compromised of real people, while Hillary Clinton's support is waning. When people are allowed to vote anonymously, Trump surges to 64% support, while Clinton drops to 36%, we've now seen in the Zip question and answer app. As reported by Govtslaves.info:

[A] smartphone app developer says his data suggests challenger Donald Trump will be the victor. “Based on the stats we see, he looks strong,” says Ric Militi, co-founder of San Diego-based Crazy Raccoons, maker of the Zip question and answer app. His app poses questions and polls responses based on an average of 100,000 daily users. “I go with Trump, based on what we see.”

The results from the Zip app show Trump at 64% and Clinton at 36%, far different from what we see from the rigged, lying mainstream media which is 100% in the bag for Clinton.

In case you didn't already know, nearly all the support for Hillary Clinton is entirely fabricated. CNN, NBC and MSNBC are going all-out in their theatrics, desperately photoshopping, editing and contorting video footage to try to make it appear Clinton enjoys widespread support. In reality, everybody hates Hillary Clinton, including most democrats and independents. And so-called "popular support" for Hillary is no more real than Obama's multi-layered FAKED birth certificate. (Which is also hilarious, because Hillary Clinton was the original "birther" who spread the rumor during her 2008 campaign to beat Obama for the DNC nomination.)

That's why all the "official" polls are rigged, just like Hillary's nominated was rigged by the DNC as we all now know, thanks to Wikileaks. What's the point of rigging all the polls? To demoralize Trump supporters and try to "fake them out" so they don't vote for Trump (who actually enjoys a wide majority of support across America right now).

Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson recently looked into how Bloomberg news altered its poll data to make Hillary Clinton seem to be winning. That article reveals just one of the many ways the lying leftist media fakes poll data and knowingly prints false poll numbers to boost the appearance of Hillary popularity.

It's all about rigging the polls so they can steal the election and get away with it

Rigging the polls isn't just about demoralizing Trump supporters. It's also about establishing a baseline so that they can STEAL the election and get away with it.

With Hillary Clinton's public support collapsing, it's clear that the Clinton criminal cartel (the DNC, Obama regime, left-wing corrupt media, etc.) will have to steal millions of votes in order to actually win the election. This can be accomplished, of course, with the collusion of left-wing state governors, election boards and organized George Soros "poll riggers" who commit election fraud on a routine basis (which is, of course, the key strategy of democrats in the first place).

Democrats can never win in honest debates or honest elections, by the way. All their failed ideas are rooted in pure lunacy... they don't work! They can't even run on honest promises of what they plan to do, either. To get elected, democrats have to utterly LIE about their true agendas and intentions, posing as patriotic Americans when they actually hate America at its core.

But after they steal the election and win a narrow victory, they can then point to all the rigged polls and say, "See? Hillary was always in the lead. These election results reflect that."

This is how the Clinton criminal regime -- consisting of people who should spend the rest of their lives locked away in prison -- can steal the election, occupy the White House, and unleash absolute totalitarian HELL upon America.

America has awakened to the lies, corruption and failures of the Clintons and the dishonest democrats

Fortunately, most Americans have had enough of the liberal lies, the failed economic catastrophes of democrats, the collapsing Obamacare nightmare, the totalitarian stripping away of civil liberties, the inciting of race wars on America's streets, and the endless, incessant LYING by Hillary Clinton, a wretched, shameless anti-human she-demon who actually helped a rapist get off for raping a 12-year-old child.

Americans are also totally fed up with the completely dishonest Politifact, Snopes, CNN "fact checkers" and all the other lying leftist lunatics who claim to have some sort of monopoly on "facts" while lying through their teeth at every opportunity.

Beyond her dark, psychopathic agenda to crush freedom and rule over the American people like a lawless dictator, Hillary Clinton is also neurologically broken, suffering from seizures, coughing fits, blood clots and bizarre pauses during her public speeches. (Some wonder if this is the moment when the demons in her head are telling her what to say next...) She can barely stand up without support, and she can't even walk up a flight of stairs without strong men practically carrying her. The woman is a mental, spiritual and physical WRECK who seethes with hatred for the "little people" over which she seeks to rule like a demonic dictatorial witch.

Other signs that Hillary Clinton's cognitive function appears to be collapsing include:

• Her stunning inability to speak in public unless her entire speech is scripted in advance and all questions from the audience are 100% scripted and approved. (Hillary can't handle the "stress" of an unknown question... even though Donald Trump fields them all day long.)

• Her extreme fear of debating any other political candidate in a live forum, including Bernie Sanders.

• Her tendency to totally FREAK OUT other reporters in her presence, who are visibly horrified at Hillary's bizarre seizure-like activity:

• Her bizarre, inexplicable barking like a dog and bobblehead microseizures, caught on camera in this video:

• Strange lesions on her tongue, blood clots on her brain, neurological issues and more:

Under no circumstances can this wretched creature be allowed to occupy the White House. Millions of Americans now get that. They know that electing Hillary Clinton would only continue the Obamare nightmare that has resulted in 50 million people on food stamps, almost 95 million out of the workforce (mass unemployment!) and tens of millions of Americans having their jobs cut, hours slashed and benefits gutted because of Obama's economic warfare against employers. If you love being homeless, broke, diseased, destitute and destroyed, vote for democrats! That's exactly what they're trying to accomplish so that you think you NEED them to rescue you...

The political establishment must be CRUSHED, disemboweled and made extinct

There is nothing more important to the future of America than defeating Hillary Clinton and her radical liberal agenda this November. That's because Hillary Clinton represents the sick political establishment that lives as parasites off American workers and entrepreneurs.

This is why the mainstream media is so desperately slandering and defaming Donald Trump at every opportunity: His victory in November will spell the end of their cushy monopoly over news in Washington. The future of real news is Breitbart.com, ZeroHedge.com, Infowars.com, NaturalNews.com, GovtSlaves.info, ActivistPost.com and a long list of other independent news organizations that dare to tell the truth.

CNN, MSNBC, NBC and ABC are all about to become extinct and irrelevant as the American people are now waking up by the millions and realizing they've been lied to for decades by the mainstream media. Even the Huffington Post has become a shameless censorship venue that stumps for Hillary while falsely slandering Trump by knowingly printing absolute lies. There isn't a single leftist media outlet remaining in America that will have even a smidgeon of credibility remaining after this election, and people like Michael Savage are already openly calling for the arrest of faux journalists like Wolf Blitzer for acts of sedition and subversion against America.

To avoid their own arrests for sedition, the lying news media seeks to destroy Trump, steal the election and place Hillary Clinton in the White House so they can all continue their criminal cartels another four years, hoping the sheeple won't notice the mountain of steaming bulls--t coming out of the mouths of democrats and CNN "journalists" who are nothing more than criminal operatives working for the Clinton cartel.

The era of Big Government is coming to an end

Hillary Clinton promises to "invest" in new jobs -- code words for higher taxes -- meaning increased confiscation of money from the working class so that Big Government can waste billions of dollars pretending to "create jobs." In economic reality, government cannot create jobs in the first place. It can only influence economic conditions under which the private sector creates jobs. But trying to get democrats to understand economics is like trying to teach a pigeon to play chess. It wastes your time while the bird craps all over the chess board. When it comes to understanding money, jobs, minimum wage and basic math, democrats are all cognitively retarded beyond belief. (Most have no idea that the U.S. government is over $19 trillion in debt... because CNN lied to them and ridiculously told them "Obama balanced the budget!")

Ultimately, the era of Big Government liberalism is rapidly approaching an end. It doesn't work! It's failing globally. As proof of that, look at Brazil, once the darling of liberal economics but now rapidly collapsing back into a third world nation where they can't even keep the water clean in the Olympics pools. But hey, who doesn't like diving into toxic algae sludge in the hopes of winning gold medals that are taxed by the IRS?

Venezuela, the showcase example of Big Government socialism and widespread entitlement programs, is now on the verge of mass starvation. Citizens of the failed state are hunting zoo animals to cook for food, all while wondering what went wrong after they kept electing lying progressive socialists into power. (Gee, what could possibly go wrong when you give up all your liberty and depend on corrupt government to provide your food, housing, fuel and education?)

America is fed up with the big failures of Big Government. We're fed up with the outright lies, corruption and criminality of democrats, the DNC and the Clintons. We're tired of being lied to by the sleazy mainstream media, which has now lost all credibility and will lose millions of viewers. We are ready for a bold truth-teller to help take back our country from the criminal class of the political elite. Donald Trump is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to achieve this, and that's why he's enjoying 70% support in this online poll. If he had chosen Jesse Ventura as his running mate, his poll numbers would probably be at 80%.

If an honest election were held today, Trump would win in a landslide

Here's what going to happen between now and early 2017. Pay attention, because this s--t is about to get very, very real:

The desperate democrats are going to try to cheat, steal and rig every single thing they can manage to get their slimy hands on. This includes all polls, news coverage and even the actual votes in November. You should expect this by default, knowing that the term "democrat" is now synonymous with "criminal." Why are they so desperate? Because they know if they lose the White House, a whole bunch of them are going to be indicted and imprisoned by the Trump administration.

If Trump is looking likely to win, watch for a massive false flag attack on a U.S. city in order to declare a national emergency, institute some form of effective martial law, and delay the election so that the fake leftist media can change the narrative (and alter the election outcome). This false flag attack could involve EMP or even nuclear terrorism. There is nothing the criminal class of corrupt government won't try in order to stay in power, including the attempted assassination of Donald Trump. (Which, if it were to happen, would instantly set off a civil war across America.)

If Trump actually does win, watch for massive nationwide riots and violence by the radical left. This is the time when you should be locked and loaded, carrying double magazines, ready to defend your life against the unrestrained violence of left-wing terrorism as it sweeps across America. (This is a time when local police need your support and possibly even some of your spare ammo.)

Once Trump actually takes office in 2017, you should fully expect a deliberate market crash and catastrophic debt collapse as the global banksters attempt to unwind all their debt scams and globalist Ponzi schemes and dump them on Trump, hoping to blame him for the economic chaos that failed debt bubbles always unleash. This global economic crash, in turn, will be used by the leftist media to blame Trump for the widespread misery and joblessness, followed by calls to impeach Trump. It is at this point, by the way, that "Second Amendment people" are going to have to get involved or you'll lose your nation forever.

If you haven't already watch the Clinton Cash documentary and prepare to have your world rocked by all the facts about Clinton corruption the mainstream media won't report. The film has already been viewed by millions. It is a MUST-SEE documentary if you seek to be informed in any way.

Also, watch my very important mini-documentary to learn more about the coming debt collapse and why you should empty all your investments, stock portfolios and bank accounts RIGHT NOW and convert your fictional money into REAL assets (while you still can). Those who fail to do this will eventually lose 90% or more of their "savings" or "investments" (both of which are entirely fictional and don't exist in the real world).

Do this NOW. Time is running out. America is about to undergo massive social unrest and violence no matter who wins in November. Get prepared in the next 80 days, and make sure you get out and vote for Trump.

Click here to watch the video now on YouTube or view it below:

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About the author:Mike Adams (aka the "Health Ranger") is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on Amazon.com) and a globally recognized scientific researcher in clean foods. He serves as the founding editor of NaturalNews.com and the lab science director of an internationally accredited (ISO 17025) analytical laboratory known as CWC Labs. There, he was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for achieving extremely high accuracy in the analysis of toxic elements in unknown water samples using ICP-MS instrumentation. Adams is also highly proficient in running liquid chromatography, ion chromatography and mass spectrometry time-of-flight analytical instrumentation.

Adams is a person of color whose ancestors include Africans and Native American Indians. He's also of Native American heritage, which he credits as inspiring his "Health Ranger" passion for protecting life and nature against the destruction caused by chemicals, heavy metals and other forms of pollution.

Adams is the founder and publisher of the open source science journal Natural Science Journal, the author of numerous peer-reviewed science papers published by the journal, and the author of the world's first book that published ICP-MS heavy metals analysis results for foods, dietary supplements, pet food, spices and fast food. The book is entitled Food Forensics and is published by BenBella Books.

In his laboratory research, Adams has made numerous food safety breakthroughs such as revealing rice protein products imported from Asia to be contaminated with toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium and tungsten. Adams was the first food science researcher to document high levels of tungsten in superfoods. He also discovered over 11 ppm lead in imported mangosteen powder, and led an industry-wide voluntary agreement to limit heavy metals in rice protein products.

In addition to his lab work, Adams is also the (non-paid) executive director of the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center (CWC), an organization that redirects 100% of its donations receipts to grant programs that teach children and women how to grow their own food or vastly improve their nutrition. Through the non-profit CWC, Adams also launched Nutrition Rescue, a program that donates essential vitamins to people in need. Click here to see some of the CWC success stories.

With a background in science and software technology, Adams is the original founder of the email newsletter technology company known as Arial Software. Using his technical experience combined with his love for natural health, Adams developed and deployed the content management system currently driving NaturalNews.com. He also engineered the high-level statistical algorithms that power SCIENCE.naturalnews.com, a massive research resource featuring over 10 million scientific studies.

Adams is well known for his incredibly popular consumer activism video blowing the lid on fake blueberries used throughout the food supply. He has also exposed "strange fibers" found in Chicken McNuggets, fake academic credentials of so-called health "gurus," dangerous "detox" products imported as battery acid and sold for oral consumption, fake acai berry scams, the California raw milk raids, the vaccine research fraud revealed by industry whistleblowers and many other topics.

Adams has also helped defend the rights of home gardeners and protect the medical freedom rights of parents. Adams is widely recognized to have made a remarkable global impact on issues like GMOs, vaccines, nutrition therapies, human consciousness.

In addition to his activism, Adams is an accomplished musician who has released over a dozen popular songs covering a variety of activism topics.

Click here to read a more detailed bio on Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, at HealthRanger.com.

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