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Baton Rouge police shooter was prescribed mind-altering drugs for PTSD

Gavin Long

(NaturalNews) The murderous rampage that recently took place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where three officers were gunned down, was triggered by swift, violent, chemical changes in the shooter's brain. After the rampage, investigators learned that the shooter, Gavin Long, was taking multiple mind-altering prescription drugs to cope with PTSD. The scene played out in horror. The drugs drove him over the brink, subduing his mind and propelling him toward senseless rage.

Baton Rouge killer took Lunesta and Ativan, psychotropic pharmaceuticals tied to homicidal ideation

Gavin Long was an honorably discharged Marine, but the medical care he received was not honorable in any way. Gavin Long got no real help for his PTSD. Instead, he was subjected to the violent side effects of the prescription psychotropic drugs, Lunesta and Ativan. This is one of the ways America's veterans and soldiers are being destroyed from the inside out. They are not given real time to cope, reflect and heal from the sights and harsh realities of war. They are quickly turned into subjects of medical experimentation when they get home, as mind altering drugs continue punishing their brains on a chemical level.

These drugs are the greatest danger to American soldiers, police officers and citizens, because of their documented, cruel and inhumane side effects. At the end of the day, a killer pulls the trigger, but what causes him to be homicidal, suicidal, careless, violent and savage? This is largely because of the drugs he is told to take, which include a long list of egregious, punishing side effects. The side effects are listed in plain view for doctors and patients to reject, but both parties continue to believe in the medication, as if they are caught up in some sadistic illusion.

The overlapping side effects of Lunesta and Ativan alone include the initiation of aggressive behavior, agitation, sudden changes in behavior, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts and homicidal ideation. It is unbelievable that these drugs are even considered medications.

Never before has American society seen such insane acts of violence as it has in the past two decades. Something sinister is damaging the minds of those who are already trying to cope with psychological problems. Something sinister is pushing their brains past the tipping point. The evidence is there, and the side effects are listed. Why isn't this medical travesty addressed after these shooters go off with no rhyme or reason? The triggers are being pulled in these killers' minds through a process of chemical changes that are initiated by pharmaceutical psychotropic drugs. Could it be any more obvious?

Like ammunition going off in the brain, these prescription drugs create homicidal thoughts, sharpening violent impulses. On his 29th birthday, with no regard for life and with no dignity, Gavin Long took down three police officers before being taken out himself.

What the mainstream media fails to report, time and time again, is the shooters' dependence on psychotropic drugs and how they create the most awful environment within patients' minds, propelling them to act on violent beliefs and impulses.

Gavin Long joins a growing list of killers who were hooked on psychotropic "medications" prior to their rampages. The shooter in Orlando was also on psychotropic drugs, furthering the sickening trend of prescription drug-induced violence.

There have been at least 134 drug regulatory agency warnings from 11 countries, decrying the dangerous side effects of psychotropic drugs. Over 150 studies from 17 different countries point out the violent dangers of antidepressants, which include delusions, self inflicted harm, hostility toward others and homicidal ideation.

Knowing this, why has the use of these drugs skyrocketed by 400 percent since 1988? Why are 11 percent of all Americans, 12 years and over, on some kind of psychotropic drug today?

Why aren't we going after and banning every single dose of these "medications" that propel violence and murder? Shouldn't these pills be forbidden, rounded up, locked into a vault, buried deep within the Earth and melted down into magma?

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