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Natural health advocate and mother of three stopped vaccinating children following adverse reactions; boosted immunity with organic food instead


(NaturalNews) It's a tragedy that happens more often than we'd like to admit: a mother, pressured to do what's "right" for her kids by her pediatrician or doctor, agrees to vaccinate her healthy little ones, only to watch their health spiral into a vortex of chronic disease right before her very eyes – these precious children who once radiated vibrant health now just a shell of what they once were in their pre-jab state.

Fortunately for health advocate and entrepreneur Brittney Kara, the two of her three children that she agreed to vaccinate under pressure didn't experience a scenario quite this horrific. But her oldest and middle child, Kayla and Kelsie, did suffer some health problems following their vaccinations, which is why Brittney decided to stand her ground and skip all vaccines for her third child, Beau.

A longtime advocate of natural and healthy living, Brittney never wanted to vaccinate any of her children. But, since she didn't know as much at the time as she does now, she agreed under pressure from both family and health professionals to give it a go. Brittney and her husband agreed to only get the DTap vaccine, along with a vitamin K2 shot, for their oldest, Kayla, who experienced instant reactions. Her first and only ear infection, followed by an aggressive round of antibiotics that would be her last, had Brittney saying no more.

Then along came Kelsie, the couple's middle child, and by this point Brittney and her husband were in agreement that vaccines would be a no-go. But, under pressure from the family pediatrician, and because of a personal health crisis in her own life, Brittney decided to once again allow only the DTap and vitamin K2 vaccines for her daughter. Kelsie immediately developed a sleeping disorder that took more than a year to subside, and after switching pediatricians, Brittney realized that the doctors had actually given Kelsey the wrong vaccine, Hib, instead of DTap – and without her knowledge.

Parents who do their research say NO to childhood vaccinations

Infuriated by all the abuse, lies and now more health damage to her second child, Brittney said no to all vaccines for the couple's third child, Beau, who's managed quite well in the health department despite his mother being warned that he might suffer a brain hemorrhage if he wasn't vaccinated. Good thing for Beau that his momma had previously done her research on vaccines and protected him against the chemical onslaught that harmed his two older sisters.

Like many other parents of vaccine-injured children, Brittney deeply regrets that she succumbed to the pressure by vaccinating her two daughters. But she's happy to be helping other parents avoid what she experienced, which is why she posted a video to YouTube telling her story. You can watch that video here.

As Brittney correctly points out, a healthy immune system doesn't come from vaccines; it comes from nutrition, rest, hydration, exposure to natural sunlight and a loving family environment. It comes from allowing the body to do what it naturally does when unencumbered by chemicals like Thimerosal (mercury), polysorbate 80, aluminum, formaldehyde and the other toxins added to childhood vaccines.

It also comes from supplementing with immune-boosting nutrients like vitamin C, a full line of which is now available from Nutrition Rescue.

"Vaccines harm and damage, maim and kill, way more people than they've ever, every helped, if any at all," Brittney warns. "I truly believe that every single person that's ever been vaccinated is, in fact, vaccine-injured on some level because their immune system has been disrupted. And we do know that vaccines alter DNA."

"Our bodies are intuitive, they're amazing, they're divine, and for us to think that we can create something pharmaceutically-based that's going to be more protective than what nature has already delivered for us is completely ridiculous."

Be sure to watch Brittney tell her full story here.

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