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Why are progressives against GMOs and pesticides, but supportive of mass vaccination and Big Government's global warming agenda?


(NaturalNews) Americans who claim "progressive" as their political mantle are an odd bunch. Some would say they are like a mystery wrapped in an enigma surrounded by a riddle. And they tend to be a little hypocritical in their thinking.

Take the issue of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and mass vaccination. The way progressives feel about one should actually dictate how they feel about the other, but the opposite is true: How they view GMOs is nothing like how they view mass vaccination, though they claim their viewpoint in both cases is based on science.

First, GMOs.

Earlier this month, the Senate voted to essentially deny Americans the right to know exactly what is in their food, by nullifying a clear and concise (and popular) law in Vermont requiring that all food labels list genetically modified substances. In fact, in addition to nullifying the Vermont statute, the Senate measure, if it becomes law, will effectively preempt and nullify all state-led efforts to require food makers to list GMOs on their labels.

GMO 'science' is not valid

As reported by EcoWatch, if the bill makes it to President Obama's desk and he signs it, the food industry will win what will essentially be voluntary labeling requirements under legislation that is being touted as a GMO labeling "compromise." In actuality, it does not mandate any recalls, fines or penalties for non-compliance, so, in other words, companies can basically ignore it with impunity, much like Washington and Colorado have been allowed to ignore federal statutes prohibiting the sale and recreational use of marijuana (which is a whole other issue).

Most progressives are against GMOs and for good reason: The science behind them is questionable because so much of it has been bought and paid for, so to speak, by Big Food.

We've proven that here at Natural News. In a September 2015 report, Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, pointed out that The New York Times spilled the beans on a host of so-called "academic experts" who were nothing more than shills for Monsanto and the biotech industry – which produces GMOs – in general.

Their "science," then, was little more than propaganda, as Adams noted:

It's time the truth finally came out. And the truth is that there is a long list of universities, scientists and even journalists who are all bought and paid for by the biotech industry. That list is now starting to come out.

Progressives instead believe the independent research that says GMOs, over the long term, are detrimental to our health, and that's why they oppose GMOs.

Why the difference in trust?

Now, the mass vaccination issue.

Here, progressives tend to believe government science and recommendations that claim mass vaccination is 100 percent safe, effective and reliable, when several studies – and the existence of the federal government's own vaccine injury fund – should prove otherwise. You can read our coverage on this here, but a sampling of the evidence that official vaccine dogma is bogus includes:

-- From 2011, a report by Adams noted that the Institutes of Medicine, long a front group for Big Pharma, which received tens of millions a year in annual funding from drug companies and globalists like Bill Gates and Ted Turner, issued a report declaring that the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine was not linked to autism. But the real story, not reported widely in the traditional media, "still openly admits that vaccines cause measles, febrile seizures, anaphylactic shock and other potentially fatal side effects," Adams wrote.

-- From 2014, a report noting that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted that seasonal flu shots were all but worthless. And a a January report from this year that further noted that last year's vaccine wasn't very effective, either. And yet, more and more we are mandated – by companies, by government and by academic institutions – to get a flu vaccine.

One way to better overall health that most researchers can agree on, by the way, is via better nutritional support for our immune systems.

As for man-caused global warming, progressives latch onto this issue too, as though it were real, when there is well-documented evidence that warming is not taking place. In fact, on average, the earth is cooling, not warming, and that's a trend that has been occurring for years. But progressives swallow the government science lie that warming is taking place, humans are responsible, and that most climate scientists agree, which is also not true. Confusing.






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