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Six popular products and by-products you probably use at home that are KILLING you and your family slowly but surely

Toxic chemicals

(NaturalNews) You can clean up your food, and you can clean up your medicine, but if you don't "detoxify" your home and the products you use there, you'll be left wondering why your organic food and natural medicine still aren't preventing you from catching colds, suffering from allergies and being diagnosed with diseases and disorders you thought you had under complete control. Powerful forces are secretly at work that are making you sick and slow. They undermine your day-to-day activities, making you lethargic, depressed, stressed, sick and wondering what's wrong. Medical doctors have no advice to offer in this realm. There's no schooling that teaches this.

Top six popular products that could slowly be killing your family and pets:

#1. Roundup: The world's most popular and highly toxic weed killer that consists of about 50 percent glyphosate, was deemed a probable human carcinogen by the World Health Organization's IARC.

#2. Tap water: Yes, tap water is a by-product of Big Pharma and the chemical industries in China, as it contains other people's medications, toxic sodium fluoride (imported from China), artificial sweeteners, heavy metal toxins like lead and aluminum, bleach and much more.

#3. Toxic air fresheners: From Lysol to Febreze, people spray horrific chemicals all over the bathroom and kitchen, soaking, lacing, and infecting their walls, floors, countertops, food, air and lungs with some of the most toxic ingredients on earth.

#4. Toxic candles: Burn baby burn! Lung cancer is not just reserved for smokers and those inhaling that secondhand smoke. Over 90 percent of candles sold today are loaded with toxins that go straight into your lungs, never to escape.

#5. Carcinogenic personal care products: Lotions, perfumes, colognes, powders, cosmetics, deodorants, toothpaste and mouthwash – sadly, the personal care products and cosmetics industries are even less regulated than food and medicine, as in not regulated at all. Corporations could just as well put snake venom in your mouthwash and get away with it.

#6. Ice made from tap water or by the automatic ice-maker: This one most people don't even think twice about. Only high quality water filters, like the Big Berkey, filter all the toxins from tap water. Make your own ice with clean water!

Never relinquish control of your home environment

Life can be beautiful and a blast, or it can be a walking, talking nightmare. How do you feel right now? What's your outlook? Are your dreams coming true, or falling apart? Your health and happiness can be invaded and disturbed in three major realms: First, there's what you eat and drink; then there's what you put on your skin, hair, nails, teeth, etc; and lastly, there's the environment all around you – including inside and outside your home, in addition to your workplace. You may or may not have complete control over the toxins at your workplace, but you certainly do at home. Take control today, and never relinquish it again.

Since there are over 70,000 toxins approved by the FDA for food and beverages, it's overwhelming to try to filter them all, and that's why cancer is so common in the USA. Eating clean is a huge start, and is part of a lifestyle that fosters longevity and prosperity. But that's just the beginning. Many of today's allergy and headache sufferers watch what they eat and drink and put on their skins, but completely ignore the chemicals that float around their homes, settling on furniture, on countertops and getting into the lungs of all in the family. So many health problems are exacerbated by cheap products that infect your immediate surroundings.

So, stop eating cancer and stop spraying it around your house. Throw that toxic weed killer in the trash can, get rid of that horrific flea killer "bomb," and toss those expensive Yankee candles in a dumpster. It's over. You're done creating and fueling sickness. It's time to create and fuel "awesomeness," by taking control of everything that fuels ideal health and happiness.

Roundup weed killer contains 50 percent glyphosate and is WAY more toxic than most people think

There are currently no regulations on glyphosate to protect humans, animals or agriculture. It's absolutely astonishing and unbelievable. Despite hundreds of tests, and independent, reliable studies that have been conducted that expose glyphosate as a major threat to human health, the FDA and EPA still rely solely on safety tests done by the manufacturer, so no safety regulations are put in place.

The chemical is absorbed through foliage and even seeps into roots. Glyphosate is also used as a drying agent that is sprayed heavily on crops, including wheat and sugarcane, just before harvesting for storage in silos. According to TruthWiki (the new, honest health encyclopedia online), the term "Roundup Ready" means the crop's seeds are genetically engineered to contain the toxic and deadly herbicide. Scientific correlations have also been made between glyphosate and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL).

Also, glyphosate, one of the deadly ingredients in Agent Orange used in Vietnam, will now be used to "carpet bomb" American agriculture. In fact, all over the world, Roundup-resistant weeds are a growing problem for all countries that grow GM crops, and it's no coincidence. Farmers that spread the deadly herbicide are committing suicide in record numbers, after battling fits of depression that come directly from constant exposure to the toxin. Solution? Look for the USDA certified organic label, buy from local honest farmers, and grow your own food using organic soil, organic seeds and clean water. Oh yeah, and do not use Roundup!

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