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Karmanos Cancer Center doctor caught running over a dozen sock puppet accounts to impersonate online identities

David Gorski

(NaturalNews) There is evil in this world. Remember Hitler? He poisoned people to death on purpose – millions of people. What if you found out right now that medical doctors are engaged in poisoning millions of Americans as we speak, yet under the "radar," and under the canopy of a crooked, insidious form of medical malpractice that goes completely unpunished and has even been declared legal by rogue regulatory agencies?

Some of these doctors not only brag about it online, but they violate a code of ethics that applies to their profession and that is illegal. So, now this begs the question: Who will enforce the law? So far, nobody. But you can protect yourself and your loved ones from getting caught up in the "gas chambers" of modern chemical medicine. After all, chemotherapy was invented by Nazi scientists to make cancer tumors recede, but only to create new cancers of the blood that later invade other parts of the body. But wait, you didn't know that, did you? Let's discuss the crux of a severely flawed American medical system that's rotten to the core. Here's where to start:

The American Medical Association (AMA) code of ethics states the following:

Opinion 10.06 - Physician Exercise of Conscience:

Physicians are expected to uphold the ethical norms of their profession, including fidelity to patients and respect for patient self-determination. Yet physicians are not defined solely by their profession. They are moral agents in their own right and, like their patients, are informed by and committed to diverse cultural, religious, and philosophical traditions and beliefs. For some physicians, their professional calling is imbued with their foundational beliefs as persons, and at times the expectation that physicians will put patients' needs and preferences first may be in tension with the need to sustain moral integrity and continuity across both personal and professional life.

Imagine if the AMA did their job and enforced this code of ethics. Hundreds if not thousands of medical doctors and oncologists across America would be fired for pushing toxic chemotherapy on patients who do not want to suffer needlessly and who have expressly voiced their desire to seek second opinions and natural remedies for cancer. Some parents are locked up in prison or have their children taken away by protective services for simply seeking second opinions about chemotherapy for their children or simply saying "No!" to the doctors.

Then there are the insidious doctors who go online provoking, propagandizing and literally terrorizing natural health enthusiasts who seek normal, non-toxic, non-invasive treatments for cancer. Where in the world is the AMA to shut these freaks down?

Online identity impersonation – a clear violation of the American Medical Association (AMA) code of ethics for doctors

Riddle: What looks like a duck, smells like a duck and quacks like a duck? Answer: A quack doctor who spends more time blogging about his intense hatred for natural medicine than he does actually working at his job as a surgical oncologist at Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit. His name, if you care at all, is David H. Gorski, and he may well be the most insane doctor practicing medicine in America today. Here are just a few of the online aliases he uses to terrorize and victimize his self-proclaimed enemies:

Orac: So proud of his secret number one alias name "Orac" is Dr. Gorski, that he floods the internet with 20,000 word blogs of hatred for anyone who voices concern over toxic chemical medicine. Under this pseudonym, Gorski vandalizes medical comment boards, blatantly and repeatedly violating dozens of AMA codes of conduct.

Thomas Johnson: The popular term in social media, "internet trolling," means viciously vilifying any discussions to which one is opposed. Gorski created this fictitious name to troll every Natural News article that discusses the dangers of vaccines and chemotherapy. He's been caught and banned under that alias by the editors.

Respectful Insolence: This is the troll's cave and "home base" main blog site where Gorski violates the AMA code of ethics daily.

SoCalGal: Gorski also pretends to be a woman under the blog name "SoCalGal."

MastCell: Natural News sources have revealed that Gorski is using the name "MastCell" to vandalize entries on Wikipedia, such as the entry on Vaxxed, the documentary film exposing the link between mercury in vaccines and autism.

Skeptical Raptor: If this internet troll is not Gorski himself, then he is a close friend and cohort of Gorski who blogs and trolls in a very similar manner and language that Orac utilizes regularly, attacking many of the same subjects and people.

Worldwide Wanker of Woo: Gorski can be found using a "secret" made-up language in the psychotic rants he blogs from Karmanos Cancer Center computers. Who can stop this freak? Shouldn't his cancer center executives and administration heads step up to the plate – and now?

Pseudonymous Surgeon: Another Gorski alias for posting abuse online.

Skeptic's Circle: Gorski is a member and contributor to an online health terrorism group where he gets his "revenge" on his "enemies" (natural health supporters).

Gorski's has direct links to, and associations with, a known pervert (amateur magician James Randi). That's right, freaks usually associate with other freaks who get caught by the law. The "amazing" Randi was caught in a court-documented and taped telephone conversation soliciting oral sex from a teenage boy. Randi is one of Gorski's best friends and cohorts in their online health-terror campaign of scaring people into taking deadly chemo.

Committee for Skeptical Inquiry: More internet health "terrorism" (the guerrilla skeptics) Gorski assists.

There is an entire Facebook page dedicated to exposing Dr. Gorski.

How can a doctor who is this unethical "off duty" be ethical in his practice? How many patients may he have killed? David H. Gorski purposely targets and attacks individuals in his writing, while refusing to clearly identify himself or his institutional affiliations, which is clearly a breach of AMA ethics.

We here at Natural News demand an investigation by those who employ this psychopathic, schizophrenic surgeon who is still operating, while taking breaks to blog hate crimes on the internet. If you would like to help end this madness by this multiple personality medical doctor, let your voice be heard and make contact by email or phone at the following:

[email protected]
Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute
4100 John R Street
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 966-8527

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