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Great Britain sees spike in heart disease, cancer and stroke as two-thirds of nation is now obese


(NaturalNews) Britain's obesity epidemic is growing worse, according to a new report that predicts that obesity will result in 7.6 million new cases of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and strokes over the next two decades.

The report, released by the Obesity Health Alliance, warns that 40 percent of Brits will be overweight or obese by the year 2035, unless measures are taken to wean the populace from indulging in unhealthy junk food-based diets.

From a press release announcing the results of the study:

"If the worrying trend in obesity continues, around 40 million adults in the UK could be overweight or obese by 2035, with 45 percent of adults in the lowest income bracket being obese.

"Over the next two decades, the study predicts an additional 4.62 million cases of type 2 diabetes, 1.63 million cases of coronary heart disease, and 670,000 new cases of cancer.

"In 2035 alone, around 440,000 new cases of disease could be caused by being overweight and obese in the UK.

"The study didn't include several other obesity-related diseases such as hypertension, liver disease, osteoarthritis, or chronic kidney disease which could also have a toll on public health and NHS resources. Becoming obese can also set up a vicious circle of lower self-esteem, poor mental health and unhealthier eating."

Can the government solve the problem?

The Obesity Health Alliance, which is made up of 30 medical organizations, is urging the government to adopt its obesity strategy, which was to have been published last year, but was delayed while food and drink companies endeavored to reduce sugar and calorie content in their products.

The alliance is advocating strong intervention measures:

"To tackle the obesity epidemic, the Obesity Health Alliance is calling on the Government to introduce a strong childhood obesity strategy without delay. It must include restricting junk food advertising on TV before the 9pm watershed, tightening online marketing to align with broadcast regulations, as well as setting targets for industry to reduce the amount of sugar and fat in food."

Members of the Obesity Health Alliance believe that the government must play a vital role in fighting the epidemic.

Modi Mwatsama, Director of Policy and Global Health at the UK Health Forum said:

"This study is a wakeup call for the Government and shows a daunting future if no strong action is taken against the obesity epidemic.

"We can't expect industry to make changes on their own and people need help making healthier choices. Companies will have to be held accountable by Government. The Government must lead the way by creating a level playing field with independent, regulated targets for reducing the amount of sugar, fat and salt in food. Without Government action, our children face a life of disease and early death."

Meanwhile, across the Big Pond...

The UK's obesity rates may be among the highest in Europe, but compared to Americans, the Brits appear relatively svelte.

According to the most recent figures, 38 percent of Americans are now considered obese, and adult women's obesity rates have surpassed those of adult men for the first time. 40 percent of American women are now considered obese. Obesity among American children is now at 17 percent. Obesity rates in the US have more than doubled in the past 35 years.

Obesity rates continue to spiral in the US and the UK, despite government efforts to curb the trend. And, although some fast food chains and others in the food industry have begun to offer healthier products, it is ultimately up to individuals to make healthy diet choices.

Junk food is addictive, and the first step to overcoming an addiction is admitting to oneself that there is a problem. Once the addiction is acknowledged, one can seek help.

Unless Americans, Brits and others affected by the obesity epidemic begin to take action on an individual level, not much will change – despite any government's best efforts. ...







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