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Vaccine and chemotherapy-pushing doctors repeatedly cite studies that DON'T EXIST in order to brainwash their victims

David Gorski

(NaturalNews) Medical doctors' advice is usually taken at face value because they've been through at least 8 years of schooling. Their advice is backed by evidence-based science and laboratory research with proven results – those that are published as peer-reviewed, and are often cited in medical journals that doctors read to justify chemical-based prescriptions for all kinds of medical problems, including the treatment of cancer and for the prevention of infectious diseases.

But, what if you found out that many doctors in America today quote studies that don't even exist in order to prove their "points" and justify their recommendations of toxic medications and carcinogenic inoculations?

That is exactly what is happening in America, and one of the leading shills of this atrocity is the nefarious Dr. David Gorski, a cohort of the mass murderer Dr. Farid Fata, who resided under the same roof as Gorski, at Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit, Michigan. Fata confessed in court to administering overdoses of chemotherapy to patients who did not have cancer, and he was sentenced to 45 years in federal prison.

Is Gorski doing the same thing, while citing medical studies that don't exist, in order to make a fortune dosing his victims with expensive, toxic chemo, while pushing vaccine propaganda online in his 20,000 word blogs under his pseudonym "Orac?"

Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive element on earth, and chemotherapy is derived from deadly mustard gas

First things first. It is scientific fact that aluminum (in most vaccines) greatly increases the toxicity of mercury (listed as thimerosal), which is exactly why most immunizations are very dangerous to humans and pets.

Secondly, the chemical warfare waged in World War I involved the use of many of the same ingredients used in chemotherapy today, namely nitrogen mustards and tetrazines, chemicals that lead to other cancers in the body. So how is it that these two types of "medicine" are the most popular forms used by American pediatricians and oncologists? Are there any real studies that prove safety or efficacy of either? The scary answer is a resounding no!

Meet the "Grand Dragon" of psycho-blogging, Dr. David Gorski, a.k.a. "Orac." This vaccine industry front-man and rogue oncologist does everything he can to obscure the vaccine-autism connection that's already been exposed and confessed to by the lead CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson.

"Orac" calls everyone a skeptic and a "crank" who doesn't bow down to chemical medicine, and he even goes on medical comment boards, fraudulently impersonating disease-injured families and making insane comments in order to ruin intelligent conversations and discredit people who question the safety of vaccines and/or chemotherapy. Most well-paid spokespeople (shills) of the vaccine industry repeat the lie that the "case is closed" on the link between vaccines and autism, and that there is worldwide "scientific consensus" on the matter, which simply doesn't exist.

Doctors like Gorski cite studies in their incessant blogs that don't exist either, besides citing fraudulent research done by the vaccine manufacturers themselves. They'll tell you that there are mountains of evidence when there are virtually no studies to be found. In fact, no studies of the vaccine schedule have ever been done. Only one study has ever been done for the vaccines relationship to autism, regarding the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), and that revealed a sure-shot connection and high correlation to autism for African American boys given the jab before age 3. On top of that, no study compares vaccinated children to unvaccinated children to determine if vaccines are even effective.

Doctors' claims are not founded on any scientific proof whatsoever!

The following was written and posted by Gorski in one of his insane rants (as "Orac") a few years back:

"If there's one thing that cranks routinely do when they can't win their case on science is to shift to other venues to convince people that they are not, in fact, cranks. After all, if they stuck to arguing facts, science, and evidence, they wouldn't be cranks. They also wouldn't have a prayer of obtaining influence because the science is so much against them. So, failing at science yet again, what the anti-vaccine movement has done yet again is to move over to law. In essence, they are implying that legal decisions can mean that there is a scientific case to be made in favor of the hypothesis that vaccines cause autism."

You see, the burden of proof that vaccines are safe still lies with the doctors, scientists and the vaccine industry, though Orac would have us all believe otherwise. The fact is, the only vaccine ever tested was the MMR vaccine, which, as noted above, causes autism.

Ironically, the MMR does not contain thimerosal, but scientists have said that the live measles virus, when injected, causes such an intense immune reaction, that other adjuvants, emulsifiers, excipients (synthetic "stabilizers") and neurotoxins in the jab damage the brain and central nervous system. The rest of the vaccines have never been studied for their relationship to autism spectrum disorder, or any disorders for that matter. Gorski simply lies on top of lies to make points and convince any "skeptics" and "cranks" that the science is "in" and there's some world consensus out there, when there obviously is not.

If you haven't yet begun, start questioning ALL chemical medicine!

In conclusion, Dr. "Kevorkian" Gorski thinks the science is in for vaccine safety and efficacy, but nothing's further from the truth. American babies are pumped full of neurotoxins the second they come out of the womb, and the relentless assault of aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG and mercury keep coming, to the tune of 50 jabs before age 7, none of which have even one single study proving safety or any success at helping humans create immunity against the live (dormant or "deadened") diseases being injected into the muscle tissue of children.

Conversely, children are carriers and "shedders" of the very infectious diseases they are inoculated against, proving time and time again to be the very children who spread the infectious diseases from which the shills say the "herd" is protected.

So, beware, because Dr. David Gorski was named in recent medical conspiracy allegations complaints filed with Karmanos Cancer Center and the Michigan Attorney General. He may well be guilty of the same behaviors which his cohort Farid Fata was found guilty of just last year.

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