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The next chapter: All-out war on so-called 'social justice' (article by Milo)

Social justice warriors

(NaturalNews) In 2016, battle lines will be drawn. On one side, people of all colours, genders and orientations are rallying around the flag of freedom of speech. On the other, a nasty set of authoritarians are rallying around a flag that identifies as a flag only on Mondays, uses they/them pronouns and will try to get you fired or expelled from school if you forget it. (Story by Milo Yiannopoulos, republished from Breitbart.com.)

Let me explain. In 2015, I saw the seeds of a movement begin to sprout. Across the internet, and even in fear-gripped halls on campuses, young people began to stand up and challenge the humourless, divisive, identity-obsessed elites that have taken over our cultural discourse. People of seemingly disparate interests and politics — gamers, pundits, metalheads, comic book and science fiction fans, atheists, Catholics, conservatives, libertarians and even many disaffected liberals — came together to agree on only one thing: art and culture should be left alone.

That movement is called cultural libertarianism. It stands against any authoritarian, from the Right or the Left, who sucks fun and freedom from the world like some kind of vampire without the cool factor, and who uses faux grievances and exaggerated victimhood to get what they want. Cultural libertarianism rejects the fainting-couch feminism and race-baiting of the Left in favour of deliberately provocative joyfulness and exuberance. It also predicates facts over hurt feelings, versus the social justice crowd who want to turn harrowing anecdotes into "lived experience" — which we are then expected to treat like scientific data.

While college campuses retreat into safe spaces, emotional coddling and treating the leaders of tomorrow like primary school children, cultural libertarians think of new ways to provoke and offend people. In a culture of control, conformity, and coddling, cultural libertarians are the true counterculture. 2015 was the year victimhood and hurt feelings became social currency — but cultural libertarians are putting an end to the madness.

Using scary words like "abuse," "threats" and "harassment," wacky far-Left fantasists have tried to bully libertarians and conservatives into silence, threatening their reputations and publicly shaming them. They have failed: the resistance to speech codes, trigger warnings, safe spaces and other progressive and feminist stupidity is stronger than ever, and it comes from women and minorities as much as anyone else.

Cultural libertarians expose the hypocrisy in these codes and rules, using social media theatre, satire, and the dankest of memes to point out that these chefs do not eat their own cooking, and that these rules only exist to protect the aristocracy of socially-acceptable thought and speech, not regular people. It's a grinning revolution of clowns, jokers, humorists and the good natured, laughing in the emperor's face until he realises how naked he is.

We're tired of the progressive left pretending to stick up for us while making the world less safe, leaving our media and workplaces fraught with anxiety and trying to censor and destroy our hobbies — even pushing creators of fantasy franchises to lie — or inexplicably forget key details — about their own creations in order to satisfy the PC brigade.
In a world where looking righteous is more important than doing good, making pure, socially-just art is preferred to, say, discussing the sex slaves of ISIS. Policing Twitter is more urgent than policing a neighbourhood. Superficially kind words and intentions replace genuinely kind acts. According to social justice, a savage world is fine, as long as our art, media, news and humour remain milquetoast.

It's now clear that progressives, lecturing the rest of us on how we ought to live from their bully pulpits in the media, academia and the entertainment industry, are terrified of the internet and don't want to know what we have to say. Well, tough. In 2016, it's time for the counterculture to go to war. Over the past year, I've seen people from all over the world stand up and fight back against the authoritarian, censorious world being built around us.

From video games to reddit to college campuses, we're beginning to realise that there are more of us than there are of them. Our YouTube videos get more views, our fundraisers smash their targets, our numbers on social media eclipse theirs. And by the way: we see your hypocrisy. Social justice is always a cover for something, as the endless queue of progressives who get busted for being sex pests or worse continues to grow.

The public is getting sick of nasty, spiteful rants from people who pretend that their objectives are nice-sounding things like "diversity" and "equality" but who are really just bullies. "Why does no one like me?" cries the SJW. Maybe because without regard to your race, creed, colour, gender, sexual orientation, et. al., the content of your character just sucks. Here's a tip for social justice goons: sometimes when you think the rest of the world is mad and evil... it's not them, it's you.

Continue reading at Breitbart.com.

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