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Three Philadelphia doctors caught in drug-dealing ring, accused of selling $5 MILLION in prescription drugs

Drug dealing doctors

(NaturalNews) 78-year-old prescription drug lord Dr. Alan Summers of Ambler, Pa. has been indicted along with his pharmaceutical drug-peddling accomplices, Dr. Azad Khan, 63, of Villanova, Pa. and Dr. Keyhosrow Parsia, 79, of Ridley Park, Pa.

The drug dealing ring operated under the name NASAPT – the National Association for Substance Abuse, Prevention & Treatment. Pretending to help patients with drug addictions, the con artists instead sold addictive prescription drugs like Suboxone for cash. In a short period of time, they were able to sell $5 million in pills, while getting their clients addicted to them. Every month, nearly 1,000 patients came to Dr. Summer's pill mill looking for easy drugs. Dr. Summers and his cohorts handed out the pills for cash payments.

"These are doctors who, rather than helping people, are contributing to this absolute crisis in our society," Assistant U.S. Attorney Lou Lappen told Action News.

Three doctors conspire to corner the local drug market and get rich selling prescription drugs for cash

The pill mill took advantage of drug addicts, selling pills to them, while totally ignoring the treatment protocol required by law. Drug dealers were another client of the pill mill, and they ultimately helped peddle the prescription pills to the streets of Philadelphia and beyond. Highly addictive drugs like Suboxone and anti-seizure medication Klonopin were given out with no medical reason.

The conspiring threesome worked together, and as such have been charged with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, distribution of controlled substances, health care fraud and money laundering. The Justice Department even uncovered the three doctors' 10-year financial plan to corner the local drug market. Allegedly they conspired to attend Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to hand out business cards and win clients over. They planned to set up a satellite office in Upper Darby, and invest $100,000 to develop their venture.

"This to them was nothing but a business, an illegal business," said Lappen. "But it was a money-making business, not designed in any way, shape, or form to help some of the neediest people in our society."

"Rather than helping people who needed help because they were addicted to drugs, these doctors turned into nothing but drug dealers," Lappen stated.

Meanwhile, the attorneys representing the three drug dealing doctors say that their treatments were "completely appropriate."

Medical system is becoming one giant pill mill that takes advantage of uninformed patients

As insurance companies, Medicaid and Medicare programs make it easy for doctors to write prescriptions and get paid, it seems like the whole system of medicine has become just a drug pushing conveyor belt. At the end of the conveyor belt are nursing homes, housing countless sick and pharmaceutically-dependent elderly persons (who don't deserve to be abused like this).

These three Philadelphia doctors are an extreme example of what the pharmaceutical model of healthcare has become: one giant drug deal, a conspiracy against people's health, a profiteering racket, far removed from the holistic, personalized, compassionate approach. A real doctor teaches people how to get off medications. A real doctor empowers their patients with information to prevent disease through lifestyle changes.

There is much more drug dealing going on throughout the medical system that the justice system cannot accurately pinpoint; the problem is pervasive. Just a year ago, another Philadelphia doctor and a receptionist conspired out of their pill mill office and wrote prescriptions for Xanax and oxycodone without any legitimate medical purpose. (Is there ever a legitimate purpose for Xanax, a pill with side effects that include suicidal thoughts?)

So many health problems, addictions and deaths are caused by pharmaceuticals, in this system of drug dealing, where the patient is a mere lab rat, no longer in charge of their own health.

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