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Top ten OXYMORONS of the American Food Industry

Food marketing

(NaturalNews) The AFI: The American Food Industry. What a shame that more than 90 percent of all conventional foods cause obesity, cancer, diabetes, dementia, arthritis, inflammation, fibromyalgia, brittle bones, strokes, lowered IQ and heart disease. One of the courses available at Harvard University, Center for the Environment, is entitled "United States in the World 19. American Food: A Global History." The course description reads as follows:

"Europeans 'discovered' America in search of foodstuffs, specifically spices. And food has been central to the American experience from the starving time in early Virginia to the problem of obesity in the United States today.

"But what is American about American food?"

That's a vital question posed by Harvard University in their course description. (Course ID #126205, listed under the subject area of General Education, and the research areas of: Arts and Humanities; and Food, Agriculture and Nutrition.)

So, let's find out. Is it "American" to be fat? Is it American to binge eat every meal until some medical doctor claims a chemical medicine can help with the pain in your knees, knuckles, back, feet and head? What about all those headaches, stomach aches and fits of depression and anxiety? It's not just the aspartame and MSG; it's not just the gluten and the tap water; it's not just the flu shot and the measles shot; but that's a huge start. How long is the list of symptoms for "AFD" – American Food Disease? What about a realistic course called "United States in the World. American Medicine: a Global History?"

What would the core thought and question for that course description be? Perhaps:

"Europeans 'discovered' America in search of foodstuffs, and so they made synthetic food. And this synthetic food has been central to the American experience, from WWII until the man-made problems of obesity, cancer, diabetes, dementia, arthritis, inflammation, fibromyalgia, brittle bones, strokes, lowered IQ and heart disease, prevail in the United States today. What is American about dying from eating synthetic food and then dying even faster from taking synthetic, chemical-based medicine, vaccines, flu shots, radiation and chemotherapy?"

What moronic, lying, food labels are you believing lately? Lord knows there are plenty of wolves in sheep's clothing out there. There are plenty of toxic foods and medicines labeled healthy, organic, non-GMO and "gluten-free" that will kill you just as fast as fast food.

The top 10 oxymorons of the American Food Industry, starting from the bottom of the barrel (pun intended)

#10. "Organic" canola: Wait, did you think there was a canola plant, like corn, soy or sunflower? Did you think making canola is just about "expeller" pressing seeds? Want to put a "hex" on your health? Insert "hexane" into rapeseed oil and wait for problems to rear their ugly head. Hexane, a vapor component of gasoline, is used to process oils and has been since WWII. It's also flammable. So, how is this organic? Good question. Hexane is a chemical made from crude oil, the mainstream solvent extraction method of the entire Western world. So how does rapeseed oil magically turn into canola oil? It's bleached, deodorized and cooked at high heat to remove the stink! Guess what Americans? Canola is associated with fibrous heart lesions.

#9. "Organic" soy: Just since the year 2000, U.S. food manufacturers have introduced over 3,000 soy-based foods, many of which are labeled "certified organic," but does that even matter? What about testing to see if a product screws up the balance of human estrogen and testosterone? Any soy that is unfermented – organic or not – is linked to immune-system malfunctions, thyroid dysfunction and cognitive decline. Hundreds of health studies reveal infant abnormalities, kidney stones and food allergies, thanks to the "Americanized" consumption of unfermented soy.

#8. "Gluten-free" snacks: It's a ploy. Most of the ingredients in gluten-free snacks are junk-science, synthetic and carcinogenic.

#7. "Low-fat" yogurt: It's still dairy; check your inflammation and mucus at the door.

#6. "Light" ice cream: It's still dairy (probably with hormones and tons of sugar).

#5. "Fat-free" cheese: It's still dairy and probably corporate made.

#4. Bottled (spring) water with "added fluoride" (ie: Deer Park): Cancerous water that lowers your IQ? What good is that?

#3. That's right, at number 3 we have Kentucky Fried Chicken, the official sponsor of Susan G. Komen "Buckets for the Cure" for breast cancer awareness. What the cluck? Eat some hormone-laden meat and some fried GM oil while trying to "find the cure" for cancer. Nice.

#2. Fast food "Happy Meal:" No explanation necessary.

And the #1 oxymoron of the American Food Industry? Wait for it. ... Wait for it. ...

Diet soda!

As if it isn't bad enough that the phosphoric acid in any soda causes the total destruction of good bacteria in the gut and rots your teeth, just add the world's most dangerous food chemical, aspartame, to the mix – and you've got an obese, nervous, depressed human who's getting prescribed SSRI drugs that are made by the same pharmaceutical companies that make the aspartame, MSG (Monsanto), blood-sugar maintenance drugs, Alzheimer's drugs, toxic chemotherapy, and yes, even ADHD and anti-anxiety medications for children (Pfizer).

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