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Is Dr. David Gorski mentally deranged because he was brain damaged by vaccines?

Medical violence

(NaturalNews) Right now, there's a troll in a white lab coat, with a knife, cutting into women's breasts and giving them some of his "home-made" chemo, and he does this in a huge cave in Detroit called Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer "Institute," where the other evil witch-doctor, Farid Fata, just finished poisoning over 1000 people with chemo, and injuring countless others who did not even have cancer. The nefarious Fata just started serving 45 years in a federal prison with other psycho-killers and violent American Neanderthals, whose brains are damaged by chemical medicine, and probably have been for years.

This troll and wicked "surgeon" David Gorski floats around the chemical "concentration camp," blogging (yes he's literate) about eliminating natural health enthusiasts by shutting their mouths and injecting them with vaccines and chemotherapy, so they'll stop being "cranks" who whine about chemical medicine side effects, which include immune deficiency, dementia, cancer, violence and death. It's possible that the Grand Dragon and blogging troll David H. Gorski, a.k.a. "Orac," injects himself with extra vaccines because he loves them so much.

The 'mad-hatters,' and mercury in flu shots

If people keep listening to vaccine-pushing doctors, more people will become insane due to mercury poisoning, and then we will have a society of insane people. You may have heard the term "mad as a hatter" from the classic children's book, Alice in Wonderland, but the true origin is rooted in hats from the 1800s that contained a mercury solution in the felt. Anyone who wore these hats breathed in fumes of the highly toxic heavy metal, especially the people working in the workshops.

Mercury accumulates in the body, causing depression, irritability and anxiety – hence "Mad Hatter Syndrome." Think of mercury-filled dental fillings, vaccines and flu shots, that are literally stuck into the bodies of men, women (including pregnant women), children and babies, and that mercury is accumulating with every new toxic jab.

The mile-high mountain of evidence of harm from vaccines is growing

As discovered and uncovered by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, in the Food Forensics Lab, vials of flu vaccine produced by British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) were found to contain more than 50 parts per million of mercury – that's 25,000 times the legal maximum for drinking water established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The head scientist at the CDC has confessed that a whole team of scientists covered up the link between the MMR vaccine and autism in little boys injected under three years old. There is currently no investigation underway by U.S. authorities, while the media tries to bury the documentary film Vaxxed which is exposing it all.

For the vaccine fanatics, fraudulent scientists and chemical medicine shills, the roof is caving in, the bottom is falling out, and the walls are coming down, all at the same time. The past few years have presented precedent-setting whistleblowers leading to industry criminals getting busted, and we're witnessing natural health enthusiasts completely annihilating the myths that have been purported by "science-based" peer-reviewed B.S. for decades.

Now, with failed attempts to censor the greatest tell-all documentary films of our time, namely Vaxxed and Climate Hustle, we see the liars scrambling for last ditch attempts to hide the truth about the damage caused by chemical violence in medicine. The most deranged people who, if they had it their way, would not even allow a conversation questioning their "science" tactics, have become violent in their attempts to convince themselves that everything they are doing is for the "greater good," and that's exactly what Hitler used to say.

The most violent extremists are working in the vaccine and chemotherapy industries, dishing out toxins right and left, enjoying the chemical violence, feeling powerful, superior and in charge. How will they feel in jail, in cells with other violent criminals who torture them daily, none of whom care about anyone's health or safety, either on the inside, or in the real world?

Lunatics practicing medicine

The CDC has a long history of defending psychopaths who write and repeat the script they want, that says all vaccines are 100% safe and 100% effective for all humans all the time, but the vast amount of vaccine scandals uncovered are like a rap sheet for a hardened criminal, or in this case, a cabal of criminals. They exaggerate flu deaths, make up fraudulent studies, alter actual research for fraudulent statistics they desire, and have their shill scientists create useless chemical drugs to treat the symptoms of chemical poisoning from the biotech, processed food and quack medicine industries.

Keep doing research while alternative news blows open the whole big lie about vaccines being "safe and effective."

Origin of "Mad Hatters."

AntiCorruption Society.

Look to organic food for immunity – let thy food be thy medicine – and watch out for deranged surgeons and chemical-medicine-pushing trolls in white lab coats slinging scalpels at women's breasts.

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