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Why making your own toothpaste and body scrubs can help both you and the environment


(NaturalNews) Popular toothpaste and body lotion brands may catch your attention due to head-turning packaging, shelf placement and regular advertising, but the reality is that such products can pose a serious danger to your health.

For example, fluoride is toxic, yet many dental professionals and consumers hold the belief that it's safe. If it's so safe, then why do such products have warnings that they should be kept away from children under the age of six, and state that, "if more than used for normal brushing is swallowed," a doctor or local poison control center should be contacted?

The truth is that toothpaste containing fluoride can lead to death; if a two-year-old child ingests just over 40 percent of a toothpaste that has fluoride in it, death may result. The situation is the same if a 4-year-old were to swallow 56 percent of a tube of fluoride toothpaste.

Fluoride, a cancer-causing toxin in many toothpastes

Even the Food & Drug Administration has banned fluorine-based chemicals in some food packaging, noting that there's "... no longer a reasonable certainty of no harm from the food-contact use of these FCSs." FCS refers to food-contact substances.

Of course, their decision raises the question as to why they don't therefore ban fluoride in the public water supply; contrary to thoughts that fluoride in the public water system is safe because it comes naturally from the earth, the truth is that much of the fluoride that is added comes from industrial waste systems' byproducts. These byproducts haven't even been tested to assess safety levels. There's nothing naturally-occurring about this, and as a result, you're likely ingesting cancer-causing and other unsafe particles.

Health-destroying detergents in toothpastes and plastic microbeads in body washes: there's nothing good about them

Furthermore, some toothpastes contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a detergent that's also used in many dish washing soaps. It's known to dry out protective mucous lining in the mouth. As such, the mouth becomes more prone to irritants that can create canker sores.

Interestingly, SLS is also in many body washes, another product you should keep your eye on. Not only do many contain SLS, but they have microbeads in them, mostly for skin-exfoliating purposes. The problem is, these small beads, which are actually microplastic particles, end up in the water supply because they aren't kept back from water filtration services. In turn, they end up being ingested by fish, turtles, and yes, humans.

While many companies have since taken measures to omit such plastics from their products, and some stores no longer allow the sale of them, the issue remains an eye-opening topic. After all, for years, we've been slathering such products on our skin, day after day.

Avoid putting toxins in and on your body by making your own toothpaste and body scrubs

Of course, being mindful of the ingredients in our products is essential. At the same time, it's important to take control now of the items you have in your home; concerning toothpaste and body scrubs in particular, you can easily make your own. Preserve your good health and make your own homemade products. Here's how:


Simply mix 1/4 cup baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) and water to form a thin paste. Then add one to two drops of spearmint, anise, cinnamon or peppermint essential oils for flavor (however, it's not necessary). Brush as normal.

That's all there is to it! There's nothing toxic about the concoction. Your teeth are clean, without the toxic chemicals.

Body scrub

To obtain the same exfoliating effect without the harmful results that microbeads impart, all you have to do is look no further than your own home. It's best to mix a liquid such as water, honey or coconut oil with a natural abrasive like coffee grounds, baking soda or brown sugar. Choose your desired items (say, coconut oil and brown sugar), then mix and scrub your body in the shower, just as you would with a store-bought wash.

Why continue to spend money on products that put your health and that of the environment in jeopardy? Chances are, you probably already own the ingredients mentioned in this article too, so making your own toothpaste and body lotion is really simple as well.

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