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This futuristic air pollution solution can transform smog into jewelry, cufflinks

Air pollution

(NaturalNews) A fantastic new invention by Dutch engineers might hold the key to reducing air pollution, as reported by AnonHQ.com. Dan Roosegaarde is a Dutch designer who has been working on "The Smog Free Project" – which is an attempt at reducing air pollution by building the world's largest smog vacuum cleaner.

The Smog Free Tower uses patented technology to produce completely smog-free areas of public space, as stated on the Studio Roosegaarde website. The aim of the project is that it will not only be a great local solution to problems with air quality but also become a more widespread technology if the project gains cooperation and support from governments, NGOs and the clean-tech industry.

Dangers of air pollution

There is a well-known link between air pollution and respiratory problems like asthma, as reported by NaturalHealthAdvisory.com. Studies have found that children living near a rail yard that produces a lot of air-polluting particles and dust are 41% more likely to have markers of compromised lung function – including chronic coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath.

Rates of lung cancer and stroke are higher in people who have been exposed to high levels of air pollution and, according to Bel Marra Health, a new study by scientists at the New York University Langone Medical Center has found that there is even a link between air pollution and heart disease. The findings reveal that the minute chemical particles that most people inhale on a day-to-day basis can actually contribute to a higher risk of early death.

Air pollution doesn't just affect the health of smokers or those already suffering with a respiratory condition – over time, it can affect healthy adults and children as well, negatively impacting the lungs. But this latest report suggests that even a slight increase in the levels of pollutants in the air can increase the overall risk of death by as much as 10%.

The lead scientist in the study, George Thurston, said that the findings "add to a growing body of evidence that particulate matter is really harmful to health, increasing overall mortality, mostly deaths from cardiovascular disease, as well as deaths from respiratory disease in nonsmokers. Our study is particularly notable because all the data used in our analysis comes from government – and independently held sources."

Meanwhile the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has been criticized for "soft pedaling" on certain industrial chemicals that should actually be of major concern, causing air pollution and many unwanted impacts on public health.

How will the "Smog Free Project" help?

According to AnonHQ.com, funding for the project first came from the fundraiser site Kickstarter, and the first purifier was placed in Rotterdam in September 2015. It looks pretty similar to the air purifier that you may have in your home, except that it reaches an impressive seven meters in height and has a contemporary, almost futuristic design.

The Smog Free Tower runs on green energy, and smog is sucked into the purifier through the top, with clean air released through its sides – cleaning 30,000 cubic meters of air every single hour. The project's patented ion technology traps dust particles, which are then collected as a powder that contains around 42% carbon – this powder is then compressed into jewelry for the supporters of the campaign. Current souvenirs include rings, cubes and cufflinks that have been made out of compressed smog particles – with each purchase donating 1,000 cubic meters of clean air to the city, according to the Studio Roosegaard website.

Roosegaard intends for the purifiers to travel to cities that are renowned for their high levels of smog, such as Beijing, Paris and Los Angeles – giving more and more people the opportunity to experience clean air and gaining more support for the Smog Free Project.

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