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Science 'skeptics' are really just a HATE group using Internet anonymity to trash natural health community... FBI called on to investigate

Guerilla warfare

(NaturalNews) In the ashes of the Civil War, notes the Bolen Report in a recent blog post, an original American hate group, the Ku Klux Klan, was founded.

Shrouded in secrecy, its members targeted blacks but also Jews, European immigrants, Roman Catholics – anyone whom they hated and wanted to disenfranchise. Its members were anonymous underneath white sheets that were carefully hidden in their homes and gathering places, so that members could remain "upstanding citizens" in the light of day.

Today's modern Klan is a group calling itself "skeptics" – that is, a largely anonymous collection of pseudo-professionals and intellectuals who seek to disenfranchise those they hate. As the Bolen Report notes further:

But this time there are no white-sheets-with-eyeholes. This time it is Internet-Anonymity. The control of Wikipedia health care articles is a prime example. The manipulation of Google's search engines is another. The "skeptics" have training camps.

Skeptic slayer

Then along came Mike Adams, the skeptic slayer. In recent weeks, Adams and other writers at Natural News have exposed a skeptic Grand Dragon – Dr. David Gorski, a.k.a. Orac – who has declared himself infallible in his incessant criticism of alternative medicine.

As Bolen notes, in his writings and Internet ramblies, "[Gorski] ranges from sniveling, to whimpering, to raging, about people, issues, and subjects in health care he clearly knows nothing about. He goes on and on. Where 100 words would do, Gorski uses 23,421. His personal insecurities are attached to every phrase."

Bolen further exposes "Orac" and a familiar tactic used by the "skeptics:"

"Right after Gorski writes on his blog Respectful Insolence, the 'commenters' begin to appear – within seconds. The first thing you notice is their anonymity. The second is the sheer nastiness of their offerings. The third is that most comments look to be in EXACTLY the same writing style as Gorski himself, which makes me wonder how many internet IDs Gorski actually uses."

Who, but the sickest sycophant, posts a critical article, then changes to 10 to 15 different people to post adoring, agreeable comments about his own article?

As we reported in recent days, these 'science skeptics' employ all manner of guerilla tactics and propaganda to infiltrate supposedly respected "information" sites to spread corporate misinformation:

"Trusted sources confirmed Gorski has administrative privileges on Wikipedia where he writes and edits content under the username 'MastCell.' Under these administrative controls, Gorski and his team of skeptics are thought to have penned a defamatory review of Andrew Wakefield's documentary VAXXED, a film instrumental in widening the discussion on vaccine safety.

"Skeptical activists have taken it upon themselves to debunk and control information via Wikipedia on a variety of topics including vaccine safety, alternative medicine, natural health, homeopathy, cancer treatments, the paranormal, astrology and psychic mediums.

"In other words, if a topic does not fit inside mainstream science's limited paradigm, skeptical activists will go to great lengths to discredit and stifle discussions on topics they consider 'quackery.'"

The end goal is to ensure that anyone who dares to offer alternatives to "accepted" science, corporate healthcare and Big Pharma, must be discredited, destroyed and made to appear less than credible. To them, real science that doesn't comport with the views of their corporate masters, is "pseudoscience," and thus, not to be believed.

Other players

There are other players associated with Gorski as well.

"At the center of it all is seasoned Wikipedia editor Susan Gerbic, who just so happens to be a close friend of Gorski. Gerbic, we've learned, has played a critical role in the infiltration of Wikipedia," Julie Wilson reported for Natural News. "Though she has absolutely no qualifications to do so (her educational background includes a B.A. degree in social history), Gerbic has grown obsessed with 'debunking' pseudoscience. ...

"Rupert Sheldrake, a biochemist and plant physiologist trained at Cambridge University accuses Gerbic of propagating 'scientific materialism.'"

As Sheldrake himself noted in his blog, "The Guerrilla Skeptics have carried the crusading zeal of organized skepticism into the realm of Wikipedia, and use it as a soapbox to propagate their beliefs."






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