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Bayer published a children's book 'Toby and the Bees' telling kids 'not to worry' about sick bees because Bayer makes a medicine that kills the mites


(NaturalNews) Poisoning the bees and then bragging to children that you give bees the "medicine" they need for their sickness, is like hitting someone in the knees with a baseball bat, handing them a jug of aspirin, and then telling your kids how you're such a good person because you helped someone with their pain. Yet, that's just what Bayer "Crop Science" has gone and done, except they went "all the way" on this one and wrote a children's book full of propaganda about the blight they've besieged on the bees and mankind with these poisonous herbicides they spread across America's crops and land.

Care to go on Bayer's "Bee Care Tour" and find out how to injure, maim, and infect animals, and then pat yourself on the back for giving them "medicine" for the health detriment inflicted? Bayer "Crop Science" even sells and gives away prizes – like cute stuffed animal bees – to the kids. Big Pharma and Biotech are trying to win over our kids with this insidious con. It's like Disney World and their "femme fatale" theme where they teach kids that all women need to be rescued. Think about it. It's warped education propagated to undermine self-esteem, responsibility, ethics and respect for life in general. Bayer is spreading propaganda to cover an evil scheme that makes them money. Period. This dangerous class of herbicides called neonicotinoids aka "neonics," is killing more than just plant pests, fungus and weeds – it's killing the bees that make the MAJORITY of our food available. Therefore, directly or indirectly, Bayer is killing us.

Animals get parasites very easily when they have no immune system

The honey bee is a herbivorous animal that lives off the nutrients from plants, preferring sweeter plants that produce nectar, fruits, pollen and honey. Bees have many predators with which to contend, from humans who spray toxins on the plants, to the parasites that feed off weak animals that have incapacitated immune systems. Humans are the same as the bees, and most other animals, in the sense that we need our immune systems to fight off the enemies – which may include other animals (violent humans and corporations), viruses, bacteria, GMOs, and yes, parasites. Peer-reviewed research shows that toxic neonic herbicides suppress bees' immune systems and make them susceptible to parasites.

THREE SHOCKING FACTS you don't know about honey bees

#1. A certain class of herbicides called "neonics" are 10,000 times more toxic to bees than DDT is to humans.

#2. 42 percent of all U.S. honey bee colonies collapsed last year.

#3. The total number of managed bee colonies in the U.S. in 1970 was four million. There are only two-and-a-half million functioning today.

Bayer goes after kids to lie to them about Bayer's bee-killing pesticides, trying to blame anything else

Bayer's war AGAINST the bees just attacked our children. In the way Hitler used his re-education (concentration) camps and showed films to con people into helping him create a master race, Bayer wants our children to think Bayer's pesticides are good for the world, and all the bees need is more Bayer. "Toby and the Bees" is a total misinformation campaign so that Bayer can skirt the blame and prevent any regulation of pesticides that kill bees, while earning millions and millions of dollars.

In Bayer's propaganda book, a friendly neighborhood beekeeper tells little "Toby" that the bees are getting sick and "not to worry," because it's just a problem with some mites. He conveniently forgets to talk to the kids about the toxic herbicides Bayer has engineered for the plants, the very kind Europe has banned. Remember, the former Chairman of Bayer, Fritz ter Meer, was found guilty of Nazi war crimes, convicted of mass murder, and sentenced to prison.

So what can YOU do about this poisoning of the bees? Help end agricultural chemical violence

Step one: Boycott all products made and sold by the biotech giants – Bayer, Dupont, Dow, Syngenta and of course, Monsanto, the grand-daddy of them all.

Step two: Support the new book coming out that tells the truth about what's killing the bees. This will be a children's book based on ACTUAL science. It may be translated into many major world languages and available online. Find out more by visiting the main NRDC webpage. Together, we can end agricultural chemical violence.

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