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Three physicians who disregarded medical choice to maim, murder or abandon patients (one of them is still practicing)

David Gorski

(NaturalNews) We like to picture doctors as caring, compassionate souls whose existence is dedicated to helping others. Unfortunately, not all physicians complete the rigorous schooling to satisfy an innate love for humanitarianism. Instead, some individuals enter the field seeking financial gains, power and an elitist-type status. These are the medical "professionals" that do more harm than good.

In a sense, physicians are in a unique and opportunistic position to hurt others, if they are so inclined. Because their profession is associated with unquestioning trust and obedience, doctors sometimes get away with murder, literally. Below are three of the most nefarious doctors in U.S history.

Henry Cotton, M.D.

Dr. Henry Cotton headed the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital in New Jersey from 1907 until his death in 1933. He was a student of Adolf Meyer, a 20th century psychiatrist and chairman of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University, which later established the United States' very first inpatient hospital for the mentally ill.

Meyer was a big believer in the germ theory, the belief that microscopic organisms are the root cause of disease. Cotton not only supported this concept, but became increasingly obsessed with it. As a result, he came to accept the idea that mental illness was caused by invisible micro-organisms that could easily be beaten via surgical removal.

At Trenton hospital, Cotton began surgically removing patients' infected teeth, tonsils and other body parts including "their stomachs, gallbladders, colons, testicles and ovaries," writes author Andrew Scull in his book Madhouse, a detailed account exposing "the full, frightening story of madness among the mad-doctors."

Cotton believed he could simply cut out the source of infection. It was through this insane ideology that he killed hundreds and injured thousands more. He claimed an 85 percent cure rate, but a closer look revealed Cotton's surgeries killed a third of his patients, some of whom were involuntary "dragged" into the operating room "resisting and screaming."

When Cotton's practice came under scrutiny, his crimes were largely covered up by him and his mentor Meyer. Scull writes that "scarcely anyone doubted" the surgeon's "right to experiment on his patients, or raised in any serious or sustained manner any questions about the propriety of maiming and mangling the bodies of the mad."

Though Cotton was never held accountable for the injuries and deaths he caused (he died suddenly of a heart attack while being investigated), his power was slowly taken from him, after which his radical behavior escalated. "He had his wife's teeth removed," reports Gizmodo.

"He had his two sons' teeth removed. He began recommending and performing colectomies on children to prevent madness developing, and to stop habits like masturbation. At times, he even condemned dentists, because they attempted to save teeth instead of pulling them."

Dr. Farid Fata

Lebanese-born Dr. Farid Fata pleaded guilty in September 2014 to 13 counts of healthcare fraud, one count of conspiracy to pay or receive kickbacks and two counts of money laundering, receiving a 45-year prison sentence, according to The American Bazaar.

Fata rented office space from Rochester Hills-based Karmanos-Crittenton Cancer Care from which he ran his private clinic, Michigan Hematology Oncology, the state's largest private cancer practice consisting of seven locations and 1,700 patients.

Fata, a well-known and highly respected hematologist, was viewed as a "tireless physician" who "often labored past midnight," reports The Detroit News. Fata was highly protective and even secretive of his patients, carrying a pager and "answering all calls himself."

Dr. Soe Maunglay, a Burmese-born oncologist who had recently settled in southeastern Michigan, took a job working for Fata. He quickly realized that Fata had "no ethics, no professionalism," prompting him to search for new employment.

But as he was exiting the practice, Maunglay stumbled upon a terrifying realization: Fata had been treating at least two cancer-free individuals with harmful cancer drugs.

Maunglay consulted with the clinic's manager, George Karadsheh, who ultimately reported Fata to the FBI. An investigation turned up some very disturbing details: Fata had administered 9,000 chemotherapy infusions to 553 people who did not need it, all so he could fraudulently bill insurance.

Fata used aggressive cancer treatments on patients who had no chance of survival, putting them through immense pain and suffering during their final days. He also under-treated people who actually had cancer.

Prosecutors say that Fata committed 9,000 offenses, totaling $34 million in fraudulent insurance billings – an occurrence officials say is the biggest case of healthcare fraud in U.S. history. Because Fata's scheme was so elaborate – he served 15,000 patients in seven cites over a nine-year period – it's suspected that others were involved.

Sure enough, six months after Fata's conviction, whistle-blower Karadsheh revealed he had filed new allegations against several new defendants. Details of the case and the identities of the defendants are under seal until the feds decide whether or not to intervene. The deadline to issue a decision is July 5, 2016.

If the feds refuse to pursue the case, Karadsheh and his attorney will continue litigation in civil court.

Dr. David H. Gorski (ORAC)

Dr. David H. Gorski is a breast cancer surgeon at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center; however, rather than being known for his medical profession, Gorski gained notoriety for his constant and vicious verbal attacks on children and adults hurt by vaccines, safe vaccine advocates, alternative medicine, and holistic health.

Via his blogs, Gorski relentlessly attacks people who question the safety of thimerosal (a mercury-based preservative) in vaccines, as well as other potentially harmful chemicals found in vaccines including MSG, formaldehyde and aluminum.

Gorski is the managing editor of Science-Based Medicine and a contributor to ScienceBlogs, where he slanders under the penname "Orac." Discussions regarding the potential harm of vaccines have been labeled "antivaccine propaganda," "quackery" and "pseudoscience," by Gorski.

TruthWiki reports that Gorski may have impersonated "diseased-injured families" in his quest to discredit vaccine skepticism, "making insane comments on message boards" and pro-medical choice sites including Age of Autism, Mothering Magazine and even on Amazon forums.

Trusted sources confirmed to Natural News that Gorski has administrative privileges on Wikipedia, which he and his team of skeptics used to smear Andrew Wakefield's explosive documentary VAXXED. Sources say the Wikipedia username "MastCell" has been traced back to Gorski.

The conversation about vaccine safety has gained considerable momentum, which explains the widely positive response to VAXXED. At near lightening-speed, the film sold out at 10 screenings in Calif. Several more are scheduled to air in Tempe and Peoria, Ariz., Claremont and San Diego, Calif., Manhattan, N.Y., Dallas and Plano, Texas, and Honolulu, Hawaii.

Despite the film's favorable response, Wikipedia's page on VAXXED is incredibly one-sided, giving a platform only to the documentary's critics who refer to it as a "hoax" based "on tons of random factoids positioned" out of context to support Wakefield's "agenda."

Gorski denies being an editor for Wiki, but his ties say otherwise. The Twitter feed of Susan Gerbic, one of Gorski's followers, reveals multiple posts promoting favorably written Wikipedia entries on members of the "skeptic" community.

Gerbic is the founder of "Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia" (GSoW), whose self described mission is to "improve skeptical content on Wikipedia ... by improving pages of our skeptic spokespeople, providing noteworthy citations, and removing the unsourced claims from paranormal and pseudoscientific pages."

Further, a Facebook post by GSoW (Gerbic) actually details her experience writing Wikipedia pages, stating that it "takes many many hours," and that all of the paperwork it requires to reach Wiki's front page for a 12-hour window is "stressful" and "a lot of work."

So there you have it: A man who completed 10+ years of medical training spends the majority of his time attacking and trying to discredit one of society's fastest growing trends: the quest to achieve whole body health through limited toxin exposure, free medical choice, diet and nutrition, physical activity and mindfulness.

A review of Gorski's internet conduct shows that he's more obsessed with "debunking" what he views as pseudoscience than he is caring for patients. Needless to say, this is not a physician whose operating table I would want to be caught on.














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