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How much bleach do you eat every day?

Bleached foods

(NaturalNews) Some people think everything "white" is clean, but clean of what? Bleach turns many things white, and strips food of all nutrition, while polluting it with one of the most toxic chemical concoctions on the planet.

Still, in almost every U.S. city, people "march for the cure" and "walk for the cure" for cancer, that will never be found in some vaccine or pill. Not ever. Why is that? Because cancer is not a disease. Cancer is a disorder of the cells. Get your head wrapped around it, and then you've figured it all out by yourself, without an oncologist misreading your diagnostics and treating you with chemical chemo. Here's more about your self-induced cancer binge that can "stop on a dime" – the second you snap out of your GMO fog and make informed decisions about every purchase you make:

Commonly bleached items

'White' foods

White bread
White tortillas
White pasta
White rice (except for basmati)
White flour (cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, rolls, croissants, bagels, etc.)
White sugar
Table salt
The coffee strained through white coffee filters contains bleach

... Foods SO white and "clean" they give you cancer!

Tap water compounds

Municipal taps are contaminated with chemical additives WITHOUT our consent as a people. We get zero choice in the matter. There are NO safety tests run on water to see if it causes long term health problems. None. Sure, chlorine kills harmful microorganisms, but does that mean we should eat and drink poisonous pesticides and toxic herbicides and chemical fungicides and carcinogenic fertilizers? What's in your tap water besides Roundup (glyphosate)? Chlorine belongs to the same chemical group as fluoride, a group called pathogens, and that's the same fluoride dentists say is good for your teeth, even though sodium fluoride in tap water causes a lowered IQ and bone cancer. Oops. Are you showering with bleach and chlorine? Without the proper filter – yes.

Sure, chlorine is a common element on Earth, in its natural form, but the gas is super toxic. It evaporates faster than water, so when you shower, you're inhaling it at about twice the rate of drinking it from the tap. When you go to public swimming pools and hotel swimming pools, you're swimming in bleach. Unless a spa or pool is salt water, you're basically "swimming in carcinogens" and fueling pathogens in your own body. In fact, according to the EPA, Americans are consuming up to 600 times the amount of chlorine that's considered safe to ingest. We're talking about a persistent chemical that does NOT break down, unlike other sanitation chemicals. It's been added to the American water supply for nearly a century. Still think the sick care industry is a conspiracy theory?

Toxic household cleaning chemicals, like Ajax

Yes, your skin absorbs carcinogens. Then, that bleach in your blood and gut destroys the good bacteria you need to fight off the common cold, the flu, other viruses, bad bacteria, and a host of disorders that come from overwhelming your system with genetically modified foods, processed foods, tap water, toxic personal care products, shower and tub water, swimming pools, toxic air freshener sprays, and from burning chemical-laced candles. People who scrub their tubs with Ajax and spray their bathrooms with Lysol are adding to the health chaos in ways they can't even imagine. Your cleansing organs are struggling to filter a toxic compound chemical. Cleansing organs struggle to filter the bleach, and so liver, kidney, pancreatic, prostate and bladder cancer form after years of bleach poisoning. Pancreatic cancer victims have the least survival chances of all the cancers, ranking in at less than 5 percent.

Cigarettes are rolled in white paper

Paper comes from trees and those trees are brown. Smokers are smoking bleach, in addition to the ammonia and pesticide found in commercial cigarettes. That's why they're so addicted to cigarettes. It's not the nicotine, it's the chemical hangover that demands they use a drug for relief. It's like whiskey and aspirin. Quit smoking bleach and you don't crave nicotine. What a concept!

Let's talk remedies

What's the best cancer prevention, treatment and cure on the planet? Simple. Stop consuming toxins, like bleach. Don't let doctors inject mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum into your muscle tissue either (most vaccines and flu shots contain all three). You may desperately need to detoxify the temple of your soul (your body) right now. Here's how.

Heavy metals detoxification, info links:




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