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America's fascist medical Gestapo: NY Times, Washington Post peddle propaganda at the expense of children


(NaturalNews) Members of the mainstream news media remain oblivious to the fact that they are no longer the center of the information world, despite the fact that daily newspaper numbers are dwindling, viewers are turning them off, and readers are checking out alternative media sources by the millions.

One of the primary reasons why the MSM is shedding viewers and readers is because they continue to push blatant propaganda, especially when it comes to full-throated support for Big Pharma and Big Medicine, two of their most profitable advertisers, and that is especially true of their support for vaccines.

In recent days, NaturalNews editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and author of the upcoming book, Food Forensics, has alerted readers and the public at large to the fact that a critical new documentary on the MMR vaccine-autism link was initially going to be screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, until one of its co-founders, actor Robert De Niro, was pressured to cancel the screening by a combination of special interests.

The documentary – VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe – the trailer of which can be viewed here, is chock full of explosive information about how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention covered up the MMR-autism link, and how our country is currently on an autism trajectory that, by 2032, will affect 1 in 2 children (and 80 percent of boys).

Bashing a documentary most of the MSM hasn't even seen

But you wouldn't know that if all you read was the MSM, like a recent piece in The New York Times which decried the "dangers of vaccine denial:"

"In Britain, for example, researchers found no change in the rate of autism diagnosis after the 1987 introduction of the M.M.R. vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella, and M.M.R. vaccination rates were similar for autistic children and for others. Likewise, studies in California and Atlanta found no correlation between autism rates and M.M.R. vaccinations. Japan suspended the M.M.R. vaccine because of health concerns, yet a careful study found that autism continued to rise."

VAXXED, however, disproves all of this.

Or this, from the Washington Post about how the "anti-vaccine movement" is the one endangering lives:

"Why are people not vaccinating their kids? There are a number of factors at play. Many of the diseases we vaccinate against are so rare here now that the public's awareness of vaccination might have decreased. But the one reason that has most alarmed public-health experts lately has been the rise of the anti-vaccine movement. Groups and activists such as celebrity Jenny McCarthy have repeatedly claimed that vaccines cause autism."

Again, VAXXED demonstrates and proves the link.

But then, the MSM likes to contradict itself on the issue of vaccines as well, such as in this story, which discusses how "imperfect" vaccines might actually make viruses more deadly. If you're a consumer of the mainstream media, you just can't win. One story denies there are any problems with vaccines, while the next suggests they can make illnesses worse.

'Now we're making history'

As reported by Vaccines.news, ABC News went so far as to censor an astounding 99 percent of its interview with Del Bigtree, the producer of VAXXED:

"ABC World News Tonight conducted an interview with Del Bigtree, producer of the polarizing documentary "VAXXED," over the phone for ten minutes. Rather than give Bigtree the opportunity to respond to critics of the film, which was originally endorsed and later retracted by Robert De Niro's Tribeca Film Festival, the media outlet aired a mere five seconds of the interview in a news segment about the documentary."

"We set out to make a movie, now we're making history," Bigtree said in a statement bashing the censorship and attacks in the MSM. "To watch every major newspaper tell people not to see a movie, a movie they had never seen, is an unprecedented moment in this country. When has that ever happened?

"We have a whistleblower at the CDC who is still sitting at the CDC, an awarded scientist, who is being protected by whistleblower status, and the media is saying we are making things up," he continued. "They say they've debunked the whistleblower, but you can't debunk someone who hasn't had his day in court, just like you can't review a movie you haven't seen."

Watch the entire Bigtree interview UNCUT here.






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