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Miraculous mimosas? The health benefits of both champagne and orange juice are incredible


(NaturalNews) Could mimosas, the champagne and orange drink mixture that's enjoyed at many brunches, holiday breakfasts and celebratory events, actually be a health drink? Turns out, the answer is a definitive, "yes."

First of all, it's no secret that oranges are a health-boosting fruit. Freshly squeezed oranges (skip the stuff in a carton if you're looking for optimal benefits), are loaded with vitamins and minerals galore. Everything from vitamins C and A, to folate, fiber and potassium – and much more – are found in this delicious fruit. Furthermore, unlike many prepackaged juices (orange as well as other flavors), fresh-squeezed oranges don't have preservatives, added sugar and additives.

But champagne?

Forget the images of party-goers that may fill your mind, and instead consider that it's been found that the bubbly drink provides a host of health-boosting effects. Couple those findings with the known benefits of oranges, and you'll want to sip on a mimosa more often!

Five health benefits of drinking champagne and orange juice

Here's a closer look at the benefits of mimosas. The drink can:

1. Improve memory

Experts from prominent universities have found that champagne has proteins that help improve short-term memory; three glasses per week were found to be the ideal amount to consume in order to realize such benefits.

2. Help heart health

Champagne has also been found to improve heart health. It's made from red and white grapes, and therefore contains antioxidants known to diminish bad cholesterol, prevent blood clots and reduce blood vessel damage. In turn, the risk of heart ailments and stroke may be reduced.

As for oranges, they're considered an anti-inflammatory food – as many foods in the citrus category are said to be. As such, they play a role in cardiovascular protection, helping to ward off atherosclerosis.

3. Boost weight loss or maintenance

Many people consume a junk food diet that contributes to weight gain, which leads to a variety of health complications. Carrying around excess weight not only puts a strain on joints and the heart, but diminishes a person's energy levels while preventing them from realizing optimal health. Enter mimosas!

A glass of champagne has approximately 80 calories, which is less than red or white wine which comes in at around 120 calories per glass. Of course, cutting excessive calorie intake is essential when it comes to weight loss, so sipping on champagne is certainly a better choice than breaking out the Merlot or Chardonnay.

Furthermore, because fresh-squeezed orange juice doesn't have all the unhealthy added sugars and additives, it's a good choice when it comes to weight loss. Anything fresh as opposed to processed is always a wise choice in any situation, not just when you're trying to lose weight or maintain your current weight.

4. Reduce diabetes risk

Studies have shown that champagne has the ability to help a person lower their risk of developing diabetes by 13 percent. Every little bit helps, so why not enjoy a glass every so often?

Adding oranges to the mix only increases such diabetes-prevention benefits; the fruit, because it's not a high-fat, high-sugar choice, doesn't contribute to inflammation, which can lead to insulin resistance. It's a natural inflammation-fighter, making it an ideal choice to keep type 2 diabetes at bay.

5. Help prevent dementia

According to researchers, moderate champagne consumption nearly cut the risk of dementia onset in half. Since such mental decline is thought to mostly occur over the age of 40, it's advisable to consume champagne more at this stage in life than earlier – in the case of dementia-prevention, anyway – to keep the disease from developing.

As with any alcoholic beverage, moderate consumption is important to preserve good health. By no means is this article suggesting that people should overindulge in champagne. This is simply meant to convey that there are some interesting, proven health benefits it can provide when enjoyed wisely. Coupled with the many health benefits of oranges, what have you got to lose?

Sources for this article include:




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