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The pink parade facade: Susan Komen Foundation not telling the truth about breast cancer

Susan Komen Foundation

(NaturalNews) The pretty pink ribbons are coming undone as more people start to see through the "breast cancer awareness" racket and waste. Yes, the Susan G. Komen Foundation has brought awareness to breast cancer, but they have not shined a light on the real-life solutions that exist for cancer patients. In fact, the organization often steers breast cancer patients away from the very therapies that work, stereotyping anything outside their sponsored advice as a "complimentary therapy" scam. Interestingly, cancer patients are being cured using "complimentary therapies," despite the medical system's attempt to silence and suppress them. Cancer patients are actually leaving the US medical system altogether, turning down chemotherapy, mastectomy and radiation, and finding answers not sponsored by the pink-washing Susan Komen Foundation.

The foundation is directing patients toward immune system suppression, drug-chemical treatment and the maiming of body parts, while shunning several therapies that assist the body's natural ability to heal.

Their site says, "No complementary therapy can cure cancer. If a complementary therapy makes this type of claim, it is a sign that it is a scam" and may "interfere with the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation therapy."

A brainwashing pyramid scheme

Most people involved in the pink campaign are kind and generous but aren't truly aware of how much waste and propaganda is involved in the breast cancer awareness racket. After reviewing what the foundation supports and how they are funded, it appears as if the entire pink-washing movement is just a front for the cancer industry in the US, which makes people think that cures are nonexistent but just around the corner, as long as you donate a little more money and wear a little more pink. The foundation is driven by catchy marketing and feeds itself energy by promoting itself and its color branding. Meanwhile, this machine encourages patients to succumb to chemical treatments that destroy their own cellular energy production.

The whole foundation appears to be about giving and saving lives, but is the money really going into the pockets of breast cancer patients and empowering them with unbiased education on cancer treatment? Much of the money donated to the Foundation either goes toward marketing, to pharmaceutical research or to pad the pockets of its executives. At its core, the Foundation is really just a pyramid scheme, funneling the generous donations of kind people to a tier of executives.

According to Charity Navigator, the Foundation spent $18,394,170 in 2013 on administration expenses alone, allotting $560,896 to Founder and CEO Nancy Brinker and $606,461 to President Elizabeth Thompson.

Cancer patients are being cured without undergoing the system's standard of chemotherapy, radiation and mastectomy

Patients and generous donors are being misled in the mind.

While the US is painted pink, from coast to coast, cancer is being cured clinically in Mexico. One place that specializes in assisting the body's natural ability to heal is The Northern Baja Healing Center. Dr. Patrick Vickers, who studied the Gerson therapy directly under Charlotte Gerson in the '90s, applies principles that empower cancer patients' immune systems, maximizing energy production at the cellular level. The passionate Dr. Vickers has studied the handwritten files of Dr. Gerson, dating from 1910 to 1959 and now implements the detoxification and energy-maximizing protocols, expanding the work of one of the greatest medical geniuses in history.

Dr. Vickers understands what acidity really represents in the body -- the buildup of hydrogen which ultimately repels the oxygen needed to convert sugar into energy in the mitochondria. He understands the problems with under-utilization of oxygen in the Krebs cycle and can recognize anaerobic glycolysis -- where the final breakdown of sugar ends up as lactic acid. It's lactic acid that feeds cancer cells.

To stop feeding the cancer, Dr. Patrick Vickers gives his patients the necessary nutrients from a clean, strict whole-foods protocol which helps their cells' mitochondria utilize sugars and oxygen for optimal energy production. Patients receive up to 5,000 calories per day through clean fruits and vegetables. He uses stomach, pancreatic and intestinal enzymes to boost patients' metabolism for the efficient breakdown of food into energy. He uses organic coffee enemas and a Hippocrates soup to detoxify the liver. He uses a potassium compound powder in patients to eliminate the sodium and water pent up in the cells which restricts efficient mitochondrial function. He also uses vitamin C IVs, Coley's therapy, dendritic cell therapy and more. This is only the beginning: learn more here.

Dr. Vickers reports that 70 to 80 percent of patients who end up at his doorstep have "run the entire gamut" of conventional treatments. "If the Gerson therapy was the portal of entry therapy for every single person diagnosed with cancer, right from the beginning, the cancer cure rates would go through the roof," says Dr. Vickers. Click here for a full list of diseases successfully treated using the Gerson therapy.

So why aren't women being educated about the Gerson therapy from the start?

Is the Susan G. Komen Foundation telling the whole truth about breast cancer?

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