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Learn the metabolism secret and keep the weight off automatically

Metabolism secret

(NaturalNews) Your metabolism is vitally important to your health in a myriad of ways. Metabolism – that is, the sum of chemical reactions involved in maintaining the living state of all of your body's cells – is a big deal to humans, because it is literally our body's powerhouse; without it, we would die.

That said, some people have genetic conditions that cause problems with their metabolism. This can include lacking enzymes which are necessary to break down the food we eat, and at times this requires medical intervention in order to correct the problem.

Metabolic problems can also be acquired, however, such as when someone develops diabetes, or in the case of someone who develops an eating disorder that can cause permanent damage to the metabolism through constant starvation.

Someone who knows and understands metabolism and the various disorders that can disrupt it is Dr. Jade Teta, MD, a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine who is one of dozens of natural and homeopathic health and nutrition experts invited to speak at the Natural Medicine Summit to be held March 14-22, a free online symposium aimed at presenting information that will make you feel younger, reverse the disease process and live better – now, not later.

His presentation, "The Metabolism Secret," aims to connect the dots between mind, body and fitness, and how all mesh to create optimal health. He will discuss:

-- The dirty little secret in the health and fitness world.

-- Why diets, detoxes and one-size-fits-all weight loss solutions don't work and never have [and never will].

-- Why two-thirds of dieters will gain their weight back and many of them end up fatter.

-- How the metabolism really works and how to work with rather than against your natural physiology.

"When most people think of the metabolism they think it works like this: Eat less – Lose weight – Have a balanced, healthy metabolism," he writes on his website.

"That is completely wrong and backwards. It actually works like this: Balance the metabolism – Automatically eat less – Lose weight and get healthy."

Dr. Jade further notes that there is no generic, buy-it-off-the-shelf health or diet regimen that leads automatically to weight loss and health. As he has said, there is an ordered system to the process.

"You don't find a diet or program to follow, you build a lifestyle from a deep understanding of your unique metabolism, psychology and personal preferences," Dr. Jade says.

In addition to mentoring clients and patients about their metabolic processes, Dr. Jade also focuses on building a healthy mind and body, two key elements he says are necessary for optimal health.

"Life happens to us, but more importantly we happen to life. These things are not found. They cannot be given. There is no way to buy them. Most importantly, there is no secret law of positive affirmations that will make them magically appear," he says.

In addition to Dr. Jade's presentation, other health experts will present information about how you can customize your diet for your personal biochemistry so you can lose weight and keep it off for life; how to integrate graceful aging strategies into your daily schedule; secrets to brain health, and how your changing brain can also change your life; and much more.

To enroll for free in the Natural Medicine Summit, click here.

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