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WATCH OUT! Reheating these seven foods can poison your family

Reheating foods

(NaturalNews) More often than not, food preparation is just as important as the nutritional profile of the food itself. Nasty bacterium can take hold of foods that are not properly prepared. Some foods were never meant to be heated at all, and other foods can release poisonous, cancer causing compounds when heated a second time.

Food nourishes the body's interconnected systems only when its nutritional content is properly digested, absorbed and utilized. This process starts in the mouth, with saliva and teeth breaking down the food. It's best to chew soft foods five to ten times before swallowing. Harder foods such as meats should be chewed 30 times before swallowing.

We are what we digest

After swallowing, the health of one's digestive system becomes paramount, as the food is broken down further by gastric acid. In this process, the function and purpose of the food is put into action. In essence, food acts as a set of instructions for the body, a blueprint of sorts. The digestive system, including the governing microbiome, can carry out these food instructions efficiently and effectively if these systems are functioning properly, absorbing and utilizing food's nutritional components. Fiber is a crucial component of digestion. Probiotics help strengthen the microbiome.

Food preparation and food combining both important

Just because spinach or carrots are considered healthy, does not mean that they are going to nourish everyone's body in the same way. Food preparation, food combination, healthy digestive function and a strong microbiome, make all the difference in how these foods deliver nutrition to the body. Combining certain foods, herbs and spices together, can have a synergistic effect, significantly enhancing a meal's nutritional quality by increasing the body's absorption abilities. Enzymes are an important part of this process.

In one clinical study, piperine of black pepper and curcumin of turmeric root, when combined, had a profound effect on interrupting the self-renewal process of a line of stem cells that initiate cancer.

Never radiate food in a microwave

Reheating any food using microwave radiation is a surefire way to destroy that food's natural chemistry, its enzymes and overall usefulness to the body. If one does decide to reheat leftovers, it's best to use a conventional oven that warms the food slowly. Using a microwave saves time, but quickly destroys the food's natural properties.

Seven foods you should never reheat

Reheating some foods will destroy their nutritional profile regardless. Potatoes, for example, are a wonderful food, full of vitamins, minerals and a healthy amount of starch that helps the body feel full more quickly. When potatoes are reheated, however, they lose their properties as their starch is diminished. Instead of reheating potatoes, it's probably best just to add them to a compost pile.

When mushrooms are reheated, the structure of their proteins changes, and they become a mere skeleton of what they once were – nutritionally speaking. The same principle applies to chicken. When reheated, the structures of the proteins change. Experts suggest reheating chicken on low heat for a longer period of time to keep the proteins intact. Otherwise, the reheated chicken can elicit unwanted digestive issues.

Spinach, beets, radishes and celery
should never be reheated. These foods were meant to be eaten raw in the first place. When these vegetables are reheated, the nitrates within them break down into nitrites. Suddenly a healthy food becomes toxic to the body, all because of reheating. While these vegetables contain extraordinary nutrition profiles, (spinach alone contains Vitamin A, C, K, folate, calcium and magnesium), they should never be reheated because they then have the potential to release cancer-causing nitrosamines into the body, which can adversely affect oxygen uptake in the blood.

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