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FDA announces the testing of glyphosate in foods ... How much cancer causing herbicide are you eating already?


(NaturalNews) After backlash from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) for not testing glyphosate during a testing program (and not even disclosing that they hadn't), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that they will now engage in such testing.(1)

It's about time.

After all, a division of the World Health Organization (WHO) declared last year that glyphosate is "probably carcinogenic to humans," a statement that intensified public concern. Glyphosate, of course, is the main cancer-causing ingredient in Monsanto's herbicide Roundup.(2)

The WHO finding came as no surprise; as numerous studies have found, the ingredient can render people horribly ill. One study, conducted by experts from the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, discovered that glyphosate was harmful even at very low doses. The experts maintain that the toxic chemical has the ability to poison the endocrine system and destroy the balance of gut bacteria. Furthermore, it's linked to stroke, a range of cancers, inflammatory bowel disease and autism.(4)

Cancer-causing glyphosate harmful even at very low doses, but FDA says it hasn't tested the chemical because ... it's safe

As for the low-dosage finding, other studies demonstrate just how low a dosage is harmful, and the results are disturbing. Are you ready? Experts note that the chemical might be carcinogenic in doses up to 4,000 times lower than what people are actually exposed to during its normal use. That suggests that many more people than initially thought are bound to experience the health-destroying problems associated with glyphosate.(3)

Oh, so why does the FDA tend to skip over testing for glyphosate? They're of the crazy mindset that testing would be too costly and that (here's the truly pathetic part), it really isn't necessary since – in their opinion – it's been shown to be so darn safe. C'mon, now.

Is it not enough that people's lives have been destroyed by the ingredient, their health and finances ruined? Is it not enough that a major organization has stated that it's "probably carcinogenic to humans"? Does it not mean anything that as a health-conscious wave sweeps the nation, shunning a matter that goes against such public safety interests demonstrates blatant ignorance and embarrassingly low moral standards?

A side of glyphosate on your plate to start the day?

Let's not even get started on the bothersome fact that this isn't just about what's happening in areas where it's being used directly – ground zero, if you will. It's not only the people who are working amid crops that are sprayed with the toxic herbicide that are affected, nor are health issues only experienced by families living in close proximity to such areas. Glyphosate is being sprayed on nearby playgrounds, is a part of numerous corporate park beautification efforts, and even exists in the foods many Americans eat.

That's right, glyphosate is very likely in much of what the entire American population ate for breakfast this morning, or plans on eating throughout the day. Here's the deal: Products containing oats – that's a lot of common foods, folks – are typically sprayed with Monsanto's evil concoction, Roundup. Translation: That oat-based, so-called "heart-healthy" breakfast you and your family chow down on contains glyphosate. It's also been found lurking in honey, soy sauce and infant formula.(1,5)

FDA says testing plans 'sensitive,' but in the works

So, what exactly does the FDA plan to do when it comes to their glyphosate testing? It's not a shock that the organization is hush-hush on the matter, claiming that their plans are "sensitive."

According to FDA spokeswoman Lauren Sucher, "The agency is now considering assignments for Fiscal Year 2016 to measure glyphosate in soybeans, corn, milk, and eggs, among other potential foods."(1)

So, how much glyphosate did YOU eat today?

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