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Proper nutrition is the KEY to decelerating the aging process, says leading complementary medicine oncologist

Francisco Contreras

(NaturalNews) Dr. Francisco Contreras is a well established oncologist and surgeon at the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, who's passionate about changing the lives of those with cancer, particularly grade four cancers. He does so through the combination of conventional and integrative (complementary medicine) treatments, such as laetrile vitamin B-17 therapy, ozone therapy, metabolic therapy and sometimes even chemotherapy.

In addition to his expertise on cancer, Dr. Contreras knows a thing or two about the aging process. Dr. Contreras is the author of Health in the 21st Century: Will Doctors Survive? in which he examines the fascinating relationship between diet and longevity – for which there is a strong correlation. The following is an excerpt from his book:

What you eat can kill you

Can a person's diet accelerate aging? The answer is yes. All bodily functions depend on a steady supply of the elements needed to sustain those functions. Although some of the elements are produced internally, most of them are obtained from the food we eat.

In spite of the body's incredible capabilities, it is often impossible for it to convert junk [food] and chemicals into fuel that will power bodily functions. On the contrary, these poisons promote deterioration and an acceleration of the aging process. We can't stop aging by eating better foods, but we can certainly slow it down.

Each of the proponents of the theories of aging gives an explanation regarding the shortness of life. Although a combination of these theories gives a global vision of mortality and immortality, the genetic code seems to have the most power over the aging process.

The exception to the rule

I was once invited to a show at which the famous comedian George Burns was to be interviewed. Mr. Burns was ninety years old. The dialogue between the interviewer and Mr. Bums, plus or minus a few words ran as follows:

Q: George, tell us, do you smoke a lot?

GB: Do I smoke? The only time I'm not smoking is when I'm asleep.

Q: Is it true that you also have a drinking habit?

GB: Well, you tell me. I drink about a liter of liquor a day.

Q: Do you engage in any type of exercise?

GB: Never.

Q: Well, what does your doctor say about that?

GB: I don't know what he would say. He's already dead.

The spectators, of course, saw the irony in Burns' words and almost burst their sides laughing. It is evident that, with time, the human body loses the ability to repair and defend itself. Consequently, it slowly declines.

The wear and tear varies from person to person, according to their genetic structure. Burns was an exception to the rule. He was gifted with super-genes and an immunological army of Rambos capable of resisting twelve hours of cigar smoke and a liter of liquor a day.

At the other extreme, who among of us has not heard about some health nut, obsessively preoccupied with nutrition and exercise, who died young of cancer or a heart attack? Burns and the health fanatic represent the exceptions, of course. Most of us are somewhere in between these two extremes.

You've no one but yourself to blame

We should accept the responsibility for the care of our own health. Most of us desire a gratifyingly long, ailment-free life. There is no way to achieve this other than to do things that are good for our health and to avoid practices that causes our bodies to deteriorate. Proponents of theories believe them to be completely true. Yet, they remain theories, neither proven nor disproven. I will summarize them in two parts:

I. Undeniably, our organism is controlled by growth and growth-inhibiting factors. When we are young, our body obviously has an abundance of growth factors which permit the body to grow rapidly. At physical maturity, we possess the same number of growth factors and growth-inhibiting factors.

As the years pass, the balance changes. The growth factors diminish and the growth-inhibitors increase. Lost cells are replaced by fewer fresh cells and the aging process begins.

II. Our organism requires certain resources for the reconstruction of cells. The codes for cellular reconstruction can be in perfect order, but the quality of the cell generated depends on the quality of its constituent amino acids, vitamins, minerals and so forth.

These nutrients require the energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. If these elements are lacking, or if there is insufficient energy to power them, the reconstruction process is less than adequate. In this way, too, the aging process is accelerated.

In my opinion then, the best strategy for slowing the aging process is nutrition. Even after so much technological effort in the search for the fountain of youth, experts now tell us that we can better the quality of life and prolong our existence by fixing our eyes on nature.

They tell us we can slow the aging process by nourishing ourselves with organic fruits, vegetables, and grains that have not been manipulated by man. That is to say, our food must be eaten as God put it in the world, without alteration.

For more on Dr. Contreras' healthy teachings, pick up a copy of his book today!


Francisco, M.D. Contreras (1997) Health in the 21st Century: Will doctors survive?: Interpacific Press


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